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NJ Abortionists Push for Veto Override of "Family Planning" Cuts

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pregnant womanCiting state budgetary woes, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made headlines last week when he vetoed a $7.5 million bill for “family planning” clinics. But abortion groups and their allies are now lobbying for a veto override to restore the funds.

The money would have gone to 58 clinics in the state, most of which are operated by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. And while the legislation’s proponents claimed it would not directly fund abortions, money is, of course, fungible.

But Planned Parenthood and its political arm in New Jersey — which helps elect more pro-abortion candidates who promise to provide even more taxpayer funds — are already gearing up for the fight. Even before the veto, the group was very involved in passing the “family planning” legislation after it was cut from the budget.

But the Governor wasn’t swayed. "I don't believe that is a priority in a budget where you have to cut $11 billion," he said during a recent radio interview. "I believe that women have the opportunity to access health care all across New Jersey. Family planning has nothing to do with mammograms, and don't put the two of them together."

Gov. Christie said he opposed the funding due to financial concerns, explaining that the state "does not have additional monies available to provide duplicative funding for family planning centers." But pro-life advocates celebrated the move nonetheless.

“The taxpayers of New Jersey are under no obligation, statutory or otherwise, to fund the radical and failed social agenda of Planned Parenthood,” said Marie Tasy, executive director of New Jersey Right to Life. “We commend Governor Christie for his steadfast opposition to restoring these funds and for working to promote the best health care for all NJ citizens.”

She also blasted the idea that Planned Parenthood worked to reduce abortions through “education,” citing the most recent annual report, which shows that the organization provided 305,310 abortions, 4,012 adoption referrals, and 10,914 prenatal care services.

“Ignoring these grim realities and the responsibilities entrusted to them by the people they serve, a handful of legislators endorsed by the political arm of Planned Parenthood have been clamoring to defy the Governor's decision and award $7.5M of our taxpayer dollars so Planned Parenthood can continue to push its radical and harmful social agenda in our state,” Tasy said. “It is time to stop the absurdity of funding an industry that has failed miserably and has a financial self interest in keeping the status quo, especially when it comes to young girls and women in NJ.”

But abortionists and their allies are not giving up yet, especially since up to a quarter of their funding in New Jersey comes from the state's taxpayers. “Disappointed. Angry. Frustrated. How else can I describe my feelings about the Governor's veto of funding for women's health?” wondered Michele Jaker, executive director of both the Family Planning Association of New Jersey and the Planned Parenthood Affiliates of New Jersey. “Now we must push for the legislature to override this veto — and we're not sure we have the votes. Please take action now.”

After urging supporters to take action in support of overriding the veto, Jaker even provides talking points. “For every $1 spent on family planning services, $4 in Medicaid costs are saved,” she claimed, adding that the federal government also provides tax dollars under Title X that may not come if “family planning” in New Jersey is de-funded. In other words, getting rid of children is cheaper than having them.

Newspapers across the state are also coming down hard on the governor’s veto, publishing countless editorials attacking the move. Complaining that lawmakers had found $4 million to fund historical sites, the Bergen County Record wrote in an editorial advocating a veto override: “We appreciate our arts and our history. We also appreciate our people.” Apparently just not the pre-born people.

The paper also claimed that “when it comes to women's health, politics and ideology should not enter the picture,” leaving out that anything funded by government is inherently political. Other New Jersey papers published similar diatribes urging an override of the veto.

Overriding the governor’s decision will be tough since veto-proof super-majorities would have to be found in both chambers of the legislature. The Senate already voted for the bill with such a majority, but in the Assembly, more than 15 additional “yea” votes will be needed.

But some lawmakers think that it can be done. "No doubt, I will marshal the votes," said Democratic State Senator Loretta Weinberg, a sponsor of the legislation. And Planned Parenthood is certainly keeping the pressure on, ironically, financing their campaign for more tax money with tax money.

The organization is extremely controversial — especially among people familiar with its history. Critics point to Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a well-known racist who literally advocated the extermination of non-whites and others who she deemed “unfit.” She started the “Negro Project” to achieve her eugenics goals. And it isn’t just the past that upsets anti-Planned Parenthood activists; statistics show the organization still focuses primarily on minority neighborhoods

Planned Parenthood already receives hundreds of millions of dollars each year from federal, state, and local governments. It uses this money to abort hundreds of thousands of children, sue governments for passing unfavorable legislation, and of course, lobby for more money and power. The organization also gives awards to particularly favorable lawmakers like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On top of that, Planned Parenthood has been repeatedly caught on camera violating the law — everything from telling pregnant women lies to promising to cover up rape if the patient chooses to abort the child.

According to Gallup, more Americans are now "pro-life" than "pro-choice," and of course many are pro-life because they recognize that the pre-born baby is a human being. Using tax dollars to finance abortion is so obviously wrong that it’s hard to imagine that there’s even a debate. But since there is, let the truth be known: Watch the documentary Maafa21, which exposes Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry for what they are.

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