Thursday, 23 December 2010

“Gay” Activists Re-focus on Same-sex Marriage

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Inspired by the repeal of the ban on homosexuals serving in the military, “gay” activists are set to redouble their efforts to normalize same-sex marriage in American society. David Brock, founder and CEO of the liberal attack group Media Matters, announced on December 20 the launch of his latest campaign, Equality Matters, a “new media and communications initiative in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality.”

Richard Socarides, a former Clinton aide whom Brock has tapped to run the new effort, called the overturning of “don’t ask, don’t tell” a “very important breakthrough,” applauding President Obama for connecting “race and gender to sexual orientation under the banner of civil rights” in the President’s comments following the vote on the measure. Nevertheless, he said, homosexual activists “will celebrate this important victory for five minutes, and then we have to move on, because we are the last group of Americans who are discriminated against in federal law and there is a lot of work to do.”

As is the case with Media Matters, which appears to exist for the exclusive purpose of demonizing principled (as well as celebrity) conservative leaders, Equality Matters will most likely set aside any supposedly legitimate arguments for equality based on sexual orientation to which “gay” activists may lay claim, focusing instead on attacking individuals and groups that have committed themselves to defending traditional values in America.

This was made apparent in Brock’s statement at the official launch of his new group, as he warned that “we are now living through a period of ferocious fundamentalism in the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Traditional conservatives and the Tea Party movement are united only in their contempt for equal rights for all Americans and a desire to return America to a 19th century idyll.”

Throwing down the lavender gauntlet in the name of “civil rights” for homosexuals, Brock declared that his new group would not allow conservative and pro-family leaders and groups “to gain serious recognition by the media [or] influence the policies that affect the lives of every American” — meaning that Equality Matters will continue the policy of its parent organization to misrepresent and denigrate individuals and organizations that have taken a stand for conservative ideals, traditional moral values, and a strong America.

While the Media Matters homepage does not mention the normalization of homosexual marriage as a specific goal, in its report on the new group the New York Times identifies the effort as the main objective, calling it the “holy grail” for homosexual activists, because “so many other benefits — including Social Security and health benefits for gay partners, adoption rights, tax benefits and others — flow from it.”

In a column entitled “Why Equality Matters,” Socarides makes marriage the main issue as well. Ignoring the fact that the citizens of 31 states have passed measures confirming their collective conviction that true marriage can exist only between a man and a woman, Socarides mouths the oft-repeated lie that 50 percent of Americans believe in “marriage equality” for homosexual partners.

With a new crop of relatively conservative Congressmen changing the majority in the House, and fears that a discontented electorate will similarly tilt the Senate (and the White House) in 2012, homosexual activists see a very small window of opportunity to effect the type of societal transformation they desire. While President Obama signed a hate crimes bill into law last year and will ink the “don’t ask, don’t tell” repeal shortly, the New York Times reported that “now that Republicans are about to take over the House and increase their numbers in the Senate, it is widely agreed that the political climate for gay rights in Washington is about to worsen.”

Since principled and above-board debate won’t turn the tide, yellow journalism appears to be just the ticket for Brock and co., who promises to use his Equality Matters to “expose right-wing bigotry and homophobia wherever we find it” — that is, in the efforts of those, who like a majority of Americans, believe in the sanctity of marriage and its ultimate objective of creating and raising children into healthy, stable, and productive adults.

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