Monday, 10 January 2011

Pro-Family Groups Appeal to GOP Congressional Leadership

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A coalition of nearly 50 pro-family groups has sent an appeal to Republican leaders in Congress, asking them to stay true to their campaign promises and do their part to return America to a solid foundation of strong conservative values.

The “Conservative Action Project,” chaired by former Attorney General Edwin Meese, sent its eight-point Conservative Communiqué to the GOP congressional leadership on January 6, asking them to fulfill their campaign vows to turn America back to prosperity and strength. “Along with nearly 100 conservative leaders and tea party activists we gather to reaffirm our principles of constitutional limited government and economic freedom and our belief in a strong national security and traditional American values,” begins the appeal. “In the recent election, the American people sent a strong message to the President and both Houses of Congress that they insist upon government grounded in constitutional principles and a restoration of Federalism.

“Now we call upon President Obama and leaders in Congress to return America to a true and prosperous Nation by passing legislation and implementing policies supported by the vast majority of our fellow citizens….”

Number one on the list of the group’s priorities for Congress is to repeal President Obama’s health care plan. Declaring that the voters spoke their mind in the November elections, the pro-family leaders charged that the 112th Congress “must now follow through and immediately pass a bill that repeals Obamacare…. Only after Obamacare is rejected, can Congress undertake a careful, thoughtful legislative process to make practical adjustments that allow the free market to provide affordable, effective health care insurance choices.”

Among the other initiatives urged by the group are for Congress to address runaway taxes; aggressively trim government spending; work toward economic growth and job creation; put a stop to government bailouts of “private companies, Wall Street financiers, and State governments that have spent far beyond their means”; and block President Obama’s liberal court appointments.

The pro-family coalition also pointed out the crucial role of the newly-elected legislators in protecting America as an “exceptional country,” noting, “The first duty of government is to protect its citizens from foreign threats and secure our nation’s borders. Peace comes through strength — not vulnerability, not appeasement and not an apologetic America. The new Congress should support our troops at home and abroad, strengthen the alliance of free and democratic nations, and oppose any surrender of American sovereignty to the United Nations and other transnational organizations. The new Congress also should support comprehensive missile defense.”

As vocal champions of traditional family values, the group focused on some of the important social issues that have torn America apart over the past 30 years. “Conservatives recognize that government policies which weaken the family take a special toll on the poor,” reads the appeal. “The result of families falling apart has huge moral and financial costs for all of us since society will pay through wasteful and fraud ridden programs supporting the welfare state. Congress should immediately ban tax-payer funding of abortion providers, promote policies that uphold the sanctity of human life, and oppose policies and programs that are destructive towards traditional marriage and families.”

Saying that the American people expect them to use their constitutional authority to make crucial changes, the coalition urged the new Republican majority to work with the President and his allies when possible. “But do not compromise on fundamental principles of freedom and limited constitutional government. Repeal the mistakes of the past, and then lead with new approaches that work and will accomplish these goals. When you do, we, and the American people, are prepared to stand with you in the coming two years.”

Among the prominent conservative and pro-family leaders signing on to the Conservative Action Project communiqué were: Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council; Phyllis Schlafly, president of the Eagle Forum; Dr. Herbert London, president of the Hudson Institute; Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition; Mathew Staver, chairman of the Liberty Counsel; Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center; and Tim Goeglein, vice president of Focus on the Family (click here for a complete list of the signers).

Photo: former Attorney General Edwin Meese

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