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Doctor Preparing to Take Place of Murdered Wichita Abortionist

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A Kansas physician is making preparations to open an abortion clinic in Wichita, the community where infamous late-term abortionist George Tiller practiced his grisly trade before being murdered last year. Dr. Mila Means, who is a family practice physician and is not certified in obstetrics or gynecology, recently purchased abortion equipment from Tiller’s now-shuttered Women’s Health Care Services, and has reportedly been training in Kansas City to perform abortions, which she plans to offer at her own Wichita medical clinic.

According to Troy Newman, president of the pro-life group Operation Rescue, Means has a troubling record as a physician, including, as reported by, “disciplinary action taken against her medical license for the misuse of psychiatry in her family practice, having improper personal relationships with patients, and for something more serious that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts has redacted from her public record.”

Means’ records show that the Kansas medical board had cause to discipline her under a state statute for unprofessional conduct including the “commission of any act of sexual abuse, misconduct, or exploitation related to the licensee’s professional practice.” Newman told that because some of the information in her record has been redacted, it is difficult to know exactly what her misconduct was, or how the state disciplined her. “Information like this is often withheld because it would destroy the person’s reputation if it were made public,” Newman said. “Whatever Means did to merit such discipline should be cause for concern to anyone who may seek services from her.”

In a related story, the property company that manages the facility where Means has her medical practice has filed a lawsuit to prevent her from operating her abortion business at that location. Foliage Development, Inc., landlord of the local business park where Means has an office, succeeded in obtaining a temporary order against Means after she indicated she would move ahead with her plans despite the company’s objections.

According to the suit, Means informed the management company of her intent to begin offering abortions on Saturdays starting sometime in 2011. When the landlord explained that Means could not move ahead with her plans because it would violate provisions of her contract that prohibit a tenant from causing a nuisance, Means insisted that she would proceed with her plans anyway, prompting the company to obtain a temporary order barring her from moving ahead until a full hearing on the issue can be held. That hearing is planned for February 15, 2011, and will include testimony from a number of both local and national pro-life leaders.

The property management company said at least three tenants leasing space in the same business park had threatened to move if Means begins performing abortions at the site, complaining that both the presence of the clinic, as well as the subsequent public protests from pro-life groups, would present an unacceptable disruption to their businesses.

Since the death of Tiller and the closing of his clinic, Wichita has remained abortion free, said Newman. “Whoever thinks they can set up an abortion business in Wichita has seriously underestimated the resolve of this community to remain abortion free,” he said in a press statement. “All peaceful and legal means will be used to prevent the further loss of innocent life by abortion in a community that is more than weary of it.”

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