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Pro-Lifers Watch as Teen Forced Into WI Abortion Clinic

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Pro-life counselors on location at a Milwaukee area abortion clinic said they witnessed as a young girl was forced by a guardian and a clinic employee into the facility after the girl asked the counselors for help. As reported by LifeSite News, sidewalk counselor Tobey Neuberger “said the incident occurred just before 10 a.m. outside Affiliated Medical Services [located at 1428 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee], where she and two other female pro-life counselors gave a ‘very young’ African-American girl literature as she entered the clinic, and told her that she could get more information at a pro-life center across the street.”

According to witnesses the girl appeared to be somewhere between 11 and 14 years of age.

Neuberger said the girl exited the clinic momentarily to ask the counselors for help, but she was physically blocked from the counselors by clinic escorts. “I turned around and saw her on the stoop, so she had come out of the clinic,” Neuberger told OneNewsNow. “That’s [as far as] the escorts would let her go…. She looked at me and said, ‘Will you take me there?’ I said, ‘Oh, you want to go across the street?’ I said, ‘Come on, honey. Come on. We’ll take you.’ ”

Neuberger said the counselors could hear the girl ask the escort, “Please take your hands off me,” adding that the she definitely wanted help. “You could see it in her eyes,” Neuberger told LifeSiteNews. She said that the guardian, who appeared to be the girl’s mother, followed the girl out of the clinic appearing “very irritated” and “literally pulled her back into the clinic.”

Another sidewalk counselor on the scene, Dan Miller, told the pro-life news site that the whole group of counselors and pro-life intercessors who witnessed the incident pleaded with the escort to release the girl, “and they wouldn’t let her.”

Miller said that he called the police about the situation, but the dispatcher said that there was nothing they could do since the girl was accompanied by a guardian. He told LifeSite News that the clinic has often called the police in an effort to intimidate pro-life protestors and counselors. He recalled that the police “would be used as a show of force by the abortion mill to scatter the pro-lifers,” explaining that “usually they call them when we have large numbers down here. We’ve never been given a ticket, but the numbers [of pro-life individuals] would diminish afterwards.”

The counselors noted that while the girl seemed in good spirits when she emerged from the clinic some 90 minutes later, and did not appear to have gone through with an abortion, they were concerned that her mother would bring her back for the procedure after fulfilling Wisconsin’s mandatory 24-hour waiting period.

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