The debate over the sexuality of beloved Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie rages on despite a statement by Sesame Street released in 2011 in which the television show officially deemed the two characters “asexual.”

Pampers, one of the nation’s top-selling diaper brands, has quietly decided to drop Sesame Street characters from its design in order to make the diapers more “inclusive,” the New York Post reports.

The #ShoutYourAbortion movement will release a coffee table book that features “abortion stories” and “abortion art” in an effort to destigmatize abortions.

A new study reveals that one-third of American teenagers have not read a single book in the last year, as they have found new ways to be distracted. The study's findings underscore the tremendous impact that digital media has on the lives of young Americans, and should raise concerns over the future of the country.

Slightly over half of Americans under the age of 18 live in a household receiving some type of means-tested welfare.

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