weightWhile America may not have anything resembling Saudi Arabia's religious police, called "The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice," we do have our own strange version of vice squads. Only, the trespasses they root out today are less likely to involve heroin and harlots than Twinkies and trans-fats. And their latest move is the arrest of a mother and the seizure of her child. Her crime? Her son is too fat.

wombWashington, D.C., would be able to use tax money to fund abortions under a $768 million spending bill passed by the House on July 16. An AP story carried by FoxNews.com and other media reports: "The measure passed by a narrow 219-208 margin, with many anti-abortion Democrats voting against it because of the move by Democratic leaders to permit the D.C. government to use locally raised tax revenues to provide abortions — reversing a long-standing ban imposed by Congress."

Ron PaulHollywood’s depravity continues apace, this time with the Constitution's most famous champion in its crosshairs. In Sasha Baron Cohen’s new film Bruno, Cohen (who plays an out-of-work “gay” Austrian talk-show host) pulls down his pants during an interview with Congressman Ron Paul.

same sexMassachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, in an unusual twist for someone in the uber liberal Bay State, is suing the federal government, invoking states’ rights and the Constitution, for the federal government's Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), claiming Congress overstepped its authority by passing DOMA.

Abortion T-shirtShould expressing pro-life sentiments make you a pariah behind schoolhouse doors? Well, whether it should or not, a case out of Scotland indicates that it certainly can — and does.

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