islam human rightsIf you know anything about “human rights commissions,” you know that never were there entities more  euphemistically named. They have proliferated throughout the Western world and have become tools of the thought police, and whatever rights they purport to protect, the right to speak Truth isn’t one of them. For evidence of this, just ask Canadian Christian Mark Harding, who ran afoul of the Ontario Human Rights Commission for criticizing Islam and was punished by his government. Or ask journalist Mark Steyn (I guess it’s not a good time for Marks to be rendering opinions), whose article “The Future Belongs to Islam” in Maclean’s magazine led to the publication being the target of a “human-rights complaint” in Canada (I guess it’s not a good time for Canadians to be rendering opinions, either).

IrishWhen did we Irish begin migrating to America? Well, when were the Irish not here might be a better question. Whether truth or merely legend, there a few of us who believe Saint Brendan of Ireland discovered the New World before Columbus stumbled upon it. That, in turn, may give birth to another legend, namely that the name of one of the ships carrying Columbus and his crew, the Nina, was really an acronym for No Irish Need Apply.

Photographers Christopher Jasper and Sam Antonio attended the Movieguide awards for The New American. In addition to getting some great photos, they also recorded several interviews with actors and directors on video. To find more coverage of the Movieguide awards, read the article "Movieguide's 'Faith & Values Awards'" by Liana Stanley.

Atheist and humanist organizations in Europe and the United States have launched an advertising campaign using buses to take their anti-God message to the public. City buses in London, Barcelona, and Washington are being used to deliver this slogan: ''There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."

house on fireEach day, thousands of firefighters, police officers, and other emergency personnel put their lives on the line, performing heroic deeds as part of their daily routine. To those unsung heroes, we always wish to express our gratitude, and never want to take them for granted. Many lives are no doubt changed daily because of their selfless actions, without most of us even being aware of it. However there are times when action is needed prior to the arrival of official emergency workers, and that's when everyday Americans step up and put their lives on the line to help their fellow men.

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