Notre DamePublicity surrounding the arrest of former ambassador Alan Keyes and 21 other demonstrators for trespass at the University of Notre Dame last Friday will likely bring more demonstrators to the South Bend campus to protest Sunday’s commencement address by President Barack Obama, one of the protest organizers said.

same-sex marriageCalifornia still has its wildfires, but New England now has “gay marriage.” Bills establishing same-sex “marriage” have now been passed by legislatures in five of the six New England states, with the juggernaut somehow missing (so far) only tiny Rhode Island. In Iowa, meanwhile, the state Supreme Court recently struck down a law limiting marriage to a union between a man and a woman, thus opening the door to same-sex “marriage” in the Corn Belt.

TrafficThere is an unidentified group of good Samaritans prowling the streets of Philadelphia these days. related on April 13 how Joanne Pingor of Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania, met one of these kind and generous people when her car broke down.

fruitRoundy’s Supermarkets is a grocery retailer that runs the Pick ’n Save, Copps Food Center, and Rainbow Foods stores in the upper Midwest. From April 20-24, they sponsored their annual “Roundy’s on the Road: Feeding the Hungry Tour,” through which they helped to stock the shelves of 50 food pantries in Minnesota and Wisconsin. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, throughout the week the tour distributed $250,000 in food and money.

These days it seems everyone has a hand out, expecting a handout from the Nanny State. It is difficult to remember a time when Americans were self-sufficient and independent, and would actually make a sacrifice when something was needed.

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