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Missing Malcolm X Autobiography Chapter: White Man “Like a Cactus”

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An unpublished section of the autobiography of onetime racist and racial separatist Malcolm X (shown), along with rare documents written by noted plagiarist Alex Haley, have been sold at auction. The material by Malcolm X — whose mid-‘1960s renunciation of both “racism” and the Nation of Islam would inspire the latter to assassinate him — contains racial rhetoric that includes the line, “the white man is like a cactus.” As the Daily Mail reports:

The Harlem-based Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture has snapped up the original typed manuscript of The Autobiography of Malcolm X, containing many fascinating handwritten notations by both men [X and Haley].

Guernsey’s auction house in Manhattan sold the center the 241-page draft manuscript — for an undisclosed sum — along with an unpublished manuscript of a chapter titled ‘The Negro’, for $7,000.

In it, he writes: ‘We are like the Western deserts; tumbleweed, rolling and tumbling whichever way the white wind blows. And the white man is like the cactus, deeply rooted, with spines to keep us off.’

Thursday’s sale has helped answer a burning question in regards to the classic autobiography that was originally published in 1964: what happened to the reputedly missing chapters that may have contained some of the most explosive thoughts of Malcolm X?

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little in 1925’s Omaha, Nebraska, acted as a vile bigot until a 1964 visit to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. After seeing Muslims of all races worshipping there (it should be noted that Arabs and Persians are classified as Caucasian), he repudiated his long-held views and rejected the radical black separatist group the Nation of Islam and its leader, Elijah Muhammad. In fact, as he expressed to a friend in 1964, writing from Saudi Arabia, I “shall never rest until I have undone the harm I did to so many well‐meaning, innocent Negroes who through my own evangelistic zeal now believe in [Elijah Muhammad] even more fanatically and more blindly than I did,” reported the New York Times in October of that year.

While Little’s solution was to embrace what he called “true Islam,” he wouldn’t have much of a chance to explore it: Nation of Islam assassins murdered him on February 21, 1965. (Ironically, after years of warning about a white threat, it was fellow blacks and erstwhile coreligionists who killed him. This well reflects the phenomenon of black homicide, mind you, as 92 percent of murdered American blacks are killed by other blacks.)

While Little does have his partial self-reformation in his column, there’s less to recommend Alex Haley as a great man. Haley is famous for writing Roots, the allegedly true story of his enslaved African ancestors. However, it was revealed (video below) that Haley brazenly plagiarized large portions of Roots from white author Harold Courlander’s fictional 1967 book The African and that Haley fabricated virtually all of his “true story.” In fact, Haley was forced to apologize to Courlander in 1978 and pay him $650,000 in an out-of-court settlement — that’s a whopping $2.4 million in today’s money.

It’s neither surprising nor new, however, that the world includes fakes, frauds, and phonies. What is different in contemporary America is that we elevate them in what is nothing less than a “cultural revolution.” This refers to the erasure of the past — as witnessed with the French Revolution’s new calendar, China’s Red Guards in the ’60s, and the Khmer Rouge’s “Year Zero” in 1970s Cambodia — so as to provide a blank-slate society that leftist social engineers can remake in their own image.

The difference is that ours is a more “evolutionary” cultural revolution, which endeavors to “boil the frog” slowly enough so that it won’t jump from the pan before breathing its last. But the process is the same, with traditions, institutions, heroes, and history being “disappeared.” In our case, Confederate statues are torn down, Christopher Columbus and the Founders are attacked, and our children are fed anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-Western lies in school. The latest insanity is a proposal to rename Austin because of Texas founder Stephen F. Austin’s tolerance for slavery.

Notable here — especially if you’re a Malcolm X or Muhammad Ali type — is that Islam’s prophet Muhammad owned and traded in slaves. Ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato exhibited at least a tolerance for slavery, and, in fact, it may be hard to find great pre-19th-century men who didn’t, with their words or deeds, rubber stamp the practice to at least some degree. Will the cultural devolutionaries propose erasing all of history to achieve “purity”?

Meanwhile, a statue of crack-using ex-Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry has been erected in our nation’s capital and one of Russian Revolution author Vladimir Lenin is on display in Seattle.

Photo of Malcolm X: Marion S. Trikosko

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