The discovery of the remains of England's notorious King Richard III will likely do little to change his historical reputation as a murdering usurper who took the throne through intrigue.

The ratification of the 16th Amendment — the income tax — caused profound changes throughout the United States. Not surprisingly, though the amendment was sold as a tax-the-rich plan, that wasn’t its real intention.

VIDEO - WWII Veteran Art Crino claims that Amelia Earhart was captured and executed in Saipan, which was under control by the Japanese since WWI until it was recaptured by the United States in 1944. One of the reasons that Crino believes in Earhart's demise derives from his personal experience in Saipan during his time serving during WWII. He also believes that Earhart may have been serving as a spy for the United States, having a spy camera equipped on her plane.
VIDEO - Art Crino, Council Member for The John Birch Society, talks about Japan's surrender during World War II. He shares that Japan had actually surrendered months before the end of the war.
VIDEO - Art Crino, Council Member of The John Birch Society, retells a story from his time serving with Air-sea Rescue during World War II.

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