The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the principal cause of the spread of the Christian faith. But is it history?

Despite being called the “Father of the Constitution,” there is no monument to James Madison in Washington, D.C. Well, there is a small statue of him inside the Library of Congress annex that bears his name, but it is dwarfed (as was the man himself) by the marble markers dedicated to his contemporaries, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

The Left is finding ever more targets to cast as evil in their efforts to remake America.

In the fight to preserve the Second Amendment, the writings of Cesare Beccaria are quite enlightening. They were quoted by our Founding Fathers.

In a February 7 opinion piece for The Federalist about white supremacy on college campuses in America, David Marcus made a serious error about the John Birch Society and William F. Buckley, Jr. that, unfortunately, he and his editors refused to correct.

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