Ukrainian famine victim"Holodomor" is Ukrainian for "death by hunger." During 1932 and1933, between seven and 10 million Ukrainians were murdered through a brutal campaign of mass starvation, under the direct orders of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Stacked American dollar billsIn our Republic's youth, presidential candidates openly debated central banking, and Andrew Jackson even won election as a "hard-money" advocate. Today's economic crisis requires a similar return to sound monetary policy.

Henry The circumstances of today's $700 billion bailout are eerily similar to those of FDR's New Deal, and today's Pied Pipers are playing the same bipartisan, power-grabbing tune.

Knickerbocker Trust CompanyAs a result of comparatively limited government involvement, the Panic of 1907 ran its course quickly. Could the same happen today if free-market processes were left alone? 

GavelJustice demands that an accused criminal be given the right of "habeas corpus," the ability to challenge the legality of his detention, but this right is being steadily eroded.

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