Franklin D. RooseveltThere are several interpretations of the facts surrounding Pearl Harbor. The first, as expressed by Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the film Pearl Harbor, is to simply deny the overwhelming evidence.

General Walter Short (Pearl Harbor)Pearl Harbor's secrets had been successfully preserved before the fact — but what about after? People around the nation, including some vocal congressmen, asked why America had been caught off guard.

Gold Bullion StackedWith bailouts and other unabashed socialist projects being embraced by both political parties to "save our economy," has free-market economics been proved faulty?

Thanksgiving FeastWhen next you sing the Hymn of Harvest Home, think kindly of our Pilgrim Fathers, for they were not "communists with a small c" nor any other kind of communists, Some conservative editors and commentators in recent years have given the impression that the Pilgrims were starry-eyed idealists intent upon founding a socialist utopia in the wilderness. One such editor, zealous to refute socialism, has written: "Socialism is not a new experiment in the United States. Neither is Communism. The Socialist community was tried by the Pilgrims in New England over three hundred years ago. The dream of the Pilgrims didn't work and the Mayflower Compact was a total failure."

Ukrainian famine victim"Holodomor" is Ukrainian for "death by hunger." During 1932 and1933, between seven and 10 million Ukrainians were murdered through a brutal campaign of mass starvation, under the direct orders of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

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