Hispanic radicals, including murderers, have been paid by the Ford Foundation and other large foundations run by globalists to foment unrest between Hispanics — both those in the country legally and illegally — and Americans to get Americans to give up sovereignty to a global entity.

Communism, we were told, collapsed throughout Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Union beginning in 1989. "Democracy," we were told, was in the wind and "reform" was everywhere. Encouraging indeed — until we learn the rest of the story.

Prevailing wisdom holds that the United States had to use the bomb in order to save countless thousands of lives that the planned invasion would have cost. Yet Japan was ready to surrender many months earlier. So why was the bomb used?

More than two decades after his death, J. Edgar Hoover's detractors on the Left continue an aggressive campaign to denigrate his reputation and record.

Celebrations of the bicentennial of the French Revolution ignore the unpleasant historical facts.

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