Thursday, 22 February 2018

Interview - Millennials... *Sigh* Where Do We Begin?

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Every generation says the one after it is worse, but the millennials seem to take the cake. Rude, uneducated, narcissistic and easily offended, they’re often shown by the media protesting Trump, Capitalism, or any other number of concepts they don’t fully understand. Why is this? In this video, TNA writer & Straight Talk host Robin Kinderman (a millennial) interviews Katie Petrick (also a millennial) of FreedomProject’s Healthy Republic.  They discuss the reasons for the “millennial mindset,” including parenting styles, pop culture, technology and education. Most importantly, they explain what can be done to turn the tide so that America’s largest voting bloc in 2020 makes responsible, Constitutional decisions.

This interview can also be read in the March 5, 2018 issue of The New American.


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