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“Women Have It Better,” Admits Female Journalist

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“I am woman,” goes the old feminist rallying cry, “hear me roar.” But “hear me whine” may be more accurate, is the message of writer Karol Markowicz. Inspired by Democrat Senator Kamala Harris’ grandstanding at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Markowicz just penned a New York Post piece titled “‘Feminist’ denial on all the ways women have it better” — and the dogma she challenges can cause spontaneous bra-burner combustion.

Markowicz opens saying how wonderful it is when feminist arguments are poorly reasoned and self-refuting. She then goes on to relate current Exhibit A, writing, “In a widely shared moment late last week, Sen. Kamala Harris asked Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, ‘Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?’”

Markowicz can. Her answer: “Every American male 18-25 has to register with the Selective Service System, which maintains their information in the case of military conscription. If America is ever again in a war and needs to reinstate the draft, those male bodies will be the ones to go.”

“Had Kavanaugh thought of that answer,” she continues, “it would have exposed a hidden truth: Being female is amazing. Meanwhile, being a man does not seem like a good thing at all.”

Draft registration relates to the greatest sacrifice one can be asked to make: possibly sacrificing life and limb for one’s country. Men clearly have “skin in the game” that women do not.

Some will counter that “men start all the wars.” Yet this isn’t true now that women vote — in larger numbers than men — and thus have a greater hand in choosing politicians and policies. (On a related point, it’s also true that men constitute virtually all emergency-services workers and are the ones generally rushing into burning buildings, forest fires, flood zones, etc., to save lives.)

Yet it doesn’t end with Selective Service, avers Markowicz. She writes that despite feminism-slain chivalry’s death, “being a woman is still far easier and more pleasant than being a man.” She provides the following examples:

• Even with women in the military, men constitute virtually all combat deaths. In the ongoing Operation Enduring Freedom, 98 percent of these unfortunates have been men.

• Ninety-two percent of workplace deaths are men because they “take the dangerous, hard, smelly jobs that most women wouldn’t consider,” Markowicz writes. In fact, the 10 industries with the most deaths on the job are almost entirely male. (Interestingly, glass ceilings are happily left intact when breaking them could require broken feminist bones.)

• Markowicz also mentions how railroad stations are packed in summertime with unhappy looking men sweltering in suits and ties, while the women can go sleeveless (note: some of this reflects modesty’s loss). She also writes, “The nearby beach, later those same weekdays, would overwhelmingly be populated by women.”

• Men’s daily commutes are 23 percent longer than women’s.

• Markowicz also tells us that men “naturally die younger, more men are in prison than women, fewer men go to college, far more men commit suicide. No one ever asks men what they plan to do after the baby is born because the answer is always to continue working.” 

Men also are 61 percent of the homeless. Yet it’s not just that remedying male homelessness isn’t prioritized. It’s that despite the fact that most homeless men are alcohol or drug addicted or are mentally ill, they’re not immunized from feminist attacks.

Just consider criminology professor Erin Dej, who studied homeless men — only to complain that they engage in “hegemonic masculinity.” The academic derided these men for “everything from reinforcing gender stereotypes, to refusing to show emotion, to talking about how their ex-wives stole money from them,” reported PJ Media. Message: You can be a wino as long as you’re a politically correct wino.

Yet there are even more double standards redounding to women’s benefit:

• Women receive shorter sentences for the same crimes and “are also significantly more likely to avoid charges and convictions entirely, and twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted,” reports the Huffington Post.

• While, counterintuitively, women are more likely to commit domestic violence, men are more likely to be arrested if they call the police for help.

• Girls are allowed on boys’ sports teams in the name of “equality” while boys are denied access to girls’ teams in the name of otherwise ignored biological reality (with the exception of boys who claim to be girls, but that's a topic for another day).

• Insurance companies are permitted to charge men more for auto coverage because men’s greater number of accidents costs the system more. Yet companies aren’t allowed to charge women more for health coverage even though women’s greater number of health claims costs the system more.

• Women are the largest group benefitting from affirmative action. The quality of being male brings nothing in that regard.

• In many male-dominated fields (e.g., petroleum engineering), employers offer women higher starting salaries than men because they fear a costly discrimination lawsuit.

And that’s just a short list.

Before concluding, something should be said about this curious feminist complaint about “power over bodies.” Note that government exercises this power over everyone. Your body is used for labor for the government (servitude) until April 19 — this is when Americans have to work till to pay the nation’s tax burden (2018 stats). If you refuse, the state may take your body and put it behind bars. Of course, there are lots of excessive laws whose enforcement can visit this fate on a body.

In contrast, what can be said about the feminist prenatal-infanticide complaint? A commenter under a relevant American Thinker article put it very well, writing, “Leftist women claim that they are the only ones who can control their bodies, yet can never live up to the challenge. If they find themselves at abortion clinics, something obviously went awry.”

In fact, the real message is, “Because I couldn’t control my own body, I’m going to kill this body within my body.” And talk about power. Women today possess the power of life and death over another person.

This brings us to a very sad double standard. If a couple conceives a child, the man has absolutely no authority over whether the baby will suffer prenatal infanticide. But if the woman decides to birth the child, the man is 50 percent responsible for him. Isn’t authority supposed to bring responsibility?

Markowicz concludes with the message, “Being a woman isn’t easy, but that’s because being a human isn’t easy.” Quite true. Yet we’re all blessed to live in a time of unprecedented wealth, luxuries, safety, medical care, and leisure time, benefits unknown for most of history. It’s a privileged age — and modern Western women are arguably the most privileged group of any age.


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