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“F Word” Causes Controversy at Google — but not the “F Word” You Think

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We really didn’t need more proof that Google is no more representative of America than a “progressive” college campus where senseless snowflakes run amok. But just to make sure we know, the Daily Caller Foundation disclosed internal documents that demonstrate just how far to the left the hyper-sensitive nerds and geeks at the company really tilt.

The F word upsets them.

And why would that be? Because the F word that offends them —  family! — is homophobic.

How so is something of a mystery, given that the law now permits homosexuals to adopt children and start “families” of their own. But there you have it.

Why Is “Family” Now a Bad Word?

Citing internal documents, DCNF reported that Googlers “melted down” when a company presentation used the word.

“Many Google employees became angry that the term was used while discussing a product aimed at children, because it implied that families have children, the documents show,” DCNF reported. “The backlash grew large enough that a Google vice president addressed the controversy and solicited feedback on how the company could become more inclusive.”

A growling Googler “stormed out of the March 2017 presentation,” DCNF reported, because the presentation used “‘family’ as a synonym for ‘household with children.’”

The enraged “employee posted an extended rant, which was well-received by his colleagues, on why linking families to children is ‘offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.’”

No, it’s not, but here’s more:

The use of “family” as a synonym for “with children” has a long-standing association with deeply homophobic organizations. This does not mean we should not use the word “family” to refer to families, but it mean we must doggedly insist that family does not imply children....

Use the word “family” to mean a loving assemblage of people who may or may not live together and may or may not include people of any particular age. STOP using it to mean “children”. It’s offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.

Unsurprisingly, DCNF disclosed, other Googlers agreed, which might only prove that the people who run Google might be nuttier than the professors who run American universities.

An angry woman who has a boyfriend and no children wrote that the F word “smacks of the ‘family values’ agenda by the right wing, which is absolutely homophobic by its very definition.... As a straight person in a relationship, I find the term ‘family’ offensive because it excludes me and my boyfriend, having no children of our own.”

Well, yeah, it does exclude you, but in any event another livid leftist lashed out with this complaint: “My family consists of me and several other trans feminine folks, some of whom I’m dating. We’re all supportive of each other and eventually aspire to live together. Just because we aren’t a heterosexual couple with 2.5 kids, a white picket fence, and a dog doesn’t mean we’re not a family,” another employee added in agreement.

Well, yeah it does mean you’re not a family, but let’s move on to a seething woman who thinks “using ‘family’ to mean ‘people with kids’ is also annoying to me as a straight-cis-woman who doesn’t have or want kids. My husband, my parents, and my pets are my family.”

Happily, DCNF reported, a vice president at the company understands the concerns, noting that “there are families without kids too, and also we needed to be more conscientious about the fact that there is a diverse makeup of parents and families.”

Thus, surly spinsters, furious feminists, hysterical homosexuals, and crazed cross-dressers who think they are the opposite sex, the VP wrote, should “teach us how to talk about it in inclusive way, if you feel like we are not doing it well.”

Typical for Google

Google Corporate, of course, is not unfamiliar with the demands of its strangely unhappy workforce. The company takes extra care to crush any dissent from the kind of lunacy on display after the presentation.

The company canned engineer James Damore because he exposed its ideological kookery in a widely published memorandum, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”

Damore wrote that Google “created an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.” And “differences in distributions of traits between men and women may in part explain why we don’t have 50% representation of women in tech and leadership,” and “discrimination to reach equal representation is unfair, divisive, and bad for business.”

Googlers everywhere collapsed in a conniption. They called him “repulsive” and threatened violence, his lawsuit alleges, while an e-mail from one called him “a misogynist and a terrible person,” closing with, “F*** you.”

As it is, Google will be wary about permitting any more F bombs at company meetings.

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