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Lib Kill Machine Targets Tucker Carlson for Destruction

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You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. The leftist thought police have collected many scalps — with newswoman Megyn Kelly’s and actress Roseanne Barr’s being recent additions. Now they’re coming after popular commentator Tucker Carlson based on comments he made between 2006 and 2011 while appearing weekly on a radio show called Bubba The Love Sponge.

As American Thinker reports, “Because the Left knows that it loses the argument anytime the merits of its policies are discussed, it has weaponized selective outrage in order to silence the most effective voices against it. Sunday night, timed to make headlines and generate Twitter storms as the new week began, Media Matters, the Soros-funded nonprofit whose donors receive tax deductions, launched an attack intended to drive advertisers away from Tucker Carlson’s prime time show on Fox News Channel.”

While I won’t provide chapter and verse on Carlson’s comments, as you may imagine, a show called Bubba The Love Sponge doesn’t exactly reflect the tone and intellectual seriousness of, let’s say, Firing Line circa 1975. The verbal exchanges, which you can read at Media Matters, are peppered with vulgar language and comments made in jest. But the Left is leveling its usual charges, that some of Carlson’s statements were Racist™ and “misogynistic” (which still falls just short of trademark status).

Carlson, however, is unbowed. Wisely refusing to apologize, he opened the last two evenings’ programs by taking the offense with blistering monologues that evidence the real reason the Left is assailing him: He’s effective.

Mentioning the vicious and unjustified attack on the Covington Catholic High School kids, Carlson pointed out Monday that the leftist kill machine “is a system built on deceit and enforced silence; hypocrisy is its hallmark. Yet in Washington it’s considered rude to ask questions about how exactly it works. Why are the people who considered Bill Clinton a hero lecturing me about sexism? How can the party that demands racial quotas denounce other people as racist?” (Video below.)

Remember, too, that leftists are the people who tolerate vile bigots such as Louis Farrakhan and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). They want to strip actor John Wayne’s name off an airport because of politically incorrect comments he made in 1971, while just having named an airport after boxer Muhammad Ali, who said that people in mixed-race relationships should be killed in 1975. And they had nothing to say about the New York Times’ 2018 hiring of editor Sarah Jeong, an immigrant who sent tweets such as “Dumba** f*****g white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs p*****g on a fire hydrant.” This isn’t just hypocrisy — it’s pathological hypocrisy possibly indicative of sociopathy.

For the record, I reject some of what Carlson said in those old interviews. The issue is that leftists don’t — not really. As Carlson correctly put it:

You hear modern Progressive described as new Puritans; that’s a slur on colonial Americans. Whatever their flaws, the Puritans cared about the fate of the human soul and the moral regeneration of their society. Those are not topics that interest progressives; they’re too busy pushing late-term abortions and cross-dressing on fifth graders. These are the people who write our movies and our sitcoms; they are not shocked by naughty words. They just pretend to be when it’s useful.

Note here that I wrote in 2017 what may be the seminal essay on vulgarity and its societal effects: “Cussing & Cultural Decay.” But such works are happily ignored by leftists (and conservatives, too, sadly), precisely because they’re the very people who normalized vulgarity and lewd sexual talk.

Of course, conservatives are playing their usual role: embracing yesterday’s liberals’ social degradation. Nonetheless, leftists’ attacks on conservatives here are a bit like dousing the whole world with accelerant and setting it alight — and then complaining about a guy who picks up a burning stick.

But Carlson is sticking it to the Left, and he clearly understands a very important principle: Never, ever apologize when you’re not wrong. Doing so invites destruction. As I explained in 2016:

Imagine you went to a John Wayne movie years ago and the Duke, instead of being an intrepid champion of good, sheepishly apologized to the villain. You might have wanted your money back. For a hero stands up for what’s right, against all odds and even in a hail of bullets. And were he to back down, he would relinquish hero status.

Yet backing down is par for the course when confronted by the thought police. People will cower and apologize — thus relinquishing any support they might have had. Why would fellow citizens stand up for you if you won’t even stand up for yourself?

Then you’re left standing alone, and the predators will close in for the kill. Below is an excellent Rebel Media video on this subject.

Remember, apologizing won’t save you. The Thought Police don’t want your contrition. They want your destruction.

And destruction they do achieve. As Carlson said in his impressive Tuesday monologue, addressing recent times’ effective censorship of people such as commentator Alex Jones and British activist Tommy Robinson:

Ever notice how certain people have started to disappear? Not vagrants or runaways, the usual missing persons. But fairly prominent, well-educated people with dissenting political opinions. One day you’re watching or reading them online. The next time you check, they’re gone. You can’t find their videos. They’re not showing up in your Facebook feed. Suddenly you can’t buy their books on Amazon [video below. Relevant portion begins at 0:38].

Yes, I’ve noticed, Tucker — especially since I’ve been a victim of this censorship.

As Carlson also correctly points out, the attack on him is part of an ongoing effort to quash all dissent, as an iron muzzle gradually descends across America. As he put it above, “This is what an authoritarian society looks like. It’s a place where the group in charge will tolerate no criticism at all. That’s what we’re becoming.”

I’d warned of this, mind you, in 2012 already. “The reality is that there is no culture war” any longer, I wrote. “What is occurring now is a pacification effort.

Effected mainly by the culture shapers — the media, standard and social; academia; entertainment; and, increasingly, big business — I asked about it at the time, “You can vote liberals out of office, but how do you control entities whose agents of change are unelected?”

Unless we can answer this question and become cultural change agents ourselves, we may one day end up reciting our own version of First They Came.

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