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Coffee Company Counters Left’s “Toxic Masculinity” Mantra With Kindness and Compassion

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A new coffee company that styles itself as the “anti-Starbucks” approach to java is taking on the theme of “toxic masculinity” being thrown at men by liberal cultural voices. Burly Man Coffee, launched in December in south Florida, is boldly Christian and pro-life, said founder Jeremy Wiles. “We’re supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus,” Wiles said of his business, whose slogan is “Be Kind. Drink Coffee.” Wiles added that “I don't think you're supposed to go to church on Sunday and just pretend to be a Christian through the week. There’s a lot of Christians across the country that share the same values as Burly Man Coffee.”

Burly Man’s pro-life stand is in stark contrast to that of Starbucks, said Wiles, which, among other liberal causes, helps fund abortion giant Planned Parenthood. “So Howard Shultz [former Starbucks CEO] and Starbucks — they support death — and we support life," Wiles told Fox News. “We’ve been passionate about coffee for a long time ... and we said look, why don't we do something more than just sell coffee?”

That “something more” turned into a campaign to help single moms with the transportation they need to live a productive life. A recent news release laid out Burly Man Coffee’s goal to donate 100 cars to single mothers, in part to counter the “dangerous agenda to shame American men with a message on ‘toxic masculinity.’”

Wiles said that while coffee is Burly Man’s business and craft, “helping people is our passion,” adding that he was growing tired “of turning on the TV and hearing the far left political and social warriors push their toxic masculinity message in our faces. Not all men are barbaric, sexist, misogynistic, racist monsters. We wanted a way to share our passion for great coffee and help others, but also push back against this dangerous agenda that targets men.”

The first beneficiary of Burly Man’s campaign of intentional kindness was Celeste Bokstrom, a single mother in Lake Worth, Florida, who is the full-time caretaker of her autistic son, Logan. When Bokstrom found herself without a car after spending thousands of dollars on one that turned out to be stolen, Wiles and Burly Man came to the rescue, providing her with a dependable car that has made her life a lot easier. The coffee company also kicked in to give Logan an iPad to help him communicate, along with a makeover and a shopping spree for Celeste. Additionally, the business connected Logan with Mike Cohen, director of the Center for Brain in Jupiter, Florida, who is providing the young man with neuro-feedback therapy for free.

“I had no idea this was going to happen to me,” Celeste said. “I had faith and believed that God knew my struggles, but I never expected this. Receiving a car has changed my world. And Logan is now getting the help he deserves. I’m so grateful.”

That first act of kindness has prompted Burly Man Coffee to set a goal of giving one hundred vehicles to to single mothers in need as a way to counter the “toxic masculinity” mantra of the left. 

Said the company’s co-founder Tiana Wiles: “There are single moms barely staying afloat because some men have abandoned ship.... This is an opportunity to demonstrate what real men do: they take care of those in need. If we can change the life of a mother and her child for the better, then we are doing something right.”

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