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Gender-bending Man Takes the Gold at Women’s Track Cycling Championship

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Rachel McKinnon, a Canadian philosophy professor and cyclist who identifies as a woman, defended his title over the weekend by placing first at the UCI Women’s Master Track World Championship in Manchester for the 35-44 Women’s Sprint bracket.

McKinnon says he began to feel he was transgender at age 13, but took another 16 years to “come to terms with it.” He began transitioning around the time he was completing his doctorate and announced his transgender identity to his students in 2012.

The college professor sparked controversy when he first took home the title last year, becoming the first transgender man to do so.

At the time, third-place winner Jennifer Wagner called it “unfair” for a biological male to compete against women and called on the international governing body to change its rules.

English commentator Katie Hopkins took an online swipe at the cyclist after he was declared to have won the world 200-meter sprint record, tweeting “For clarity - this was the WOMENS world championships. I repeat. Women’s.”

Hopkins added, “Congratulations to the brave faces of silver & bronze. The world is gripped by a febrile madness.”

The second consecutive victory and world record-setting by McKinnon was no less controversial. In an interview with Sky News, former cycling champion Victoria Hood said:

It is not complicated. The science is there and it says that it is unfair. The male body, which has been through male puberty, still retains its advantage; that doesn’t go away. I have sympathy with them. They have the right to do sport but not a right to go into any category they want.

McKinnon accused Hood of harboring “an irrational fear of trans women.”

“By preventing trans women from competing or requiring them to take medication, you’re denying their human rights,” said McKinnon, whose academic work focuses on feminism and issues related to gender and “queer” identity.

“All my medical records say female,” McKinnon declared. “My doctor treats me as a female person, my racing license says female, but people who oppose my existence still want to think of me as male.… So, if we want to say, that I believe you’re a woman for all of society, except for this massive central part that is sport, then that’s not fair.”

Critics of allowing biological men to participate in women’s sports under the guise of transgenderism argue that athletic competitions for women will die away as they become dominated by males pretending to be female.

“If we continue to let this happen, there will be men’s sports and co-ed sports, but there won’t be any women’s sports,” said Wagner, who did not participate in this year’s race.

Reminiscing on her performance last year, she opined, “It was an unfair race, and I accepted that when I pinned on the number, and I tried to do my best to overcome the unfairness. I do feel that hard-fought freedoms for women’s sport are being eroded.”

Even Donald Trump, Jr. stepped into the controversy. Tweeting a Daily Caller article entitled “Biological Male Wins Women’s Cycling World Championship,” Trump wrote:

Anyone want to guess why??? This BS will destroy women’s sports and everything so many amazing female athletes have worked their entire lives to achieve. I couldn’t care less how you identify, but this isn’t right.

The president’s son later commented on the subject again, tweeting, “You can never be woke enough! Sorry to all female athletes who spent their lives mastering their games.”

McKinnon responded to Trump, saying he suppresses his testosterone levels in order to compete, tweeting, “Pssst. I was competing prior to the IOC’s 2015 update to their trans policy. I met the older, more restrictive 2003 policy. Y’all don't have a problem with testosterone levels, you have a problem with trans women period. Lowering the testosterone limit won’t affect me.”

The cyclist also wrote that anyone who believes men should not compete in women’s sports is a “loser”:

I have yet to meet a real champion who has a problem with trans women. Real champions want stronger competition. If you win because bigotry got your competition banned… you’re a loser.

As Town Hall notes, the world record McKinnon set in the qualifying round was 11.649 seconds for female age group 35-39. In the men’s group for the same age range, the top qualifying round time was 10.498.

If McKinnon had competed against these men, he would not even have finished in the top 10, as the 10th-place cyclist, Poland’s Adrian Swiderski, posted a time of 11.386. That means McKinnon would not have been allowed to compete in the championship.

Image: Andrew Last / Wikimedia Commons

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