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Feminist Steinem: Defending Unborn Is Patriarchal, Oppressive

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Pro-abortion, feminist stalwart Gloria Steinem has been relatively quiet in recent years. But she re-surfaced recently to promote a new Hollywood biopic about her life, The Glorias, and to vent about the supposedly patriarchal, oppressive, and even Hitler-esque spirit she implies drives America’s pro-life movement.

In a January 29 interview with Variety magazine, “Steinem said Americans have yet to realize that controlling reproduction [i.e., abortion] is the top priority of any oppressive government, and the very definition of the patriarchy,” reported the entertainment magazine.

“I hope we understand, or begin to understand, that every totalitarian, authoritarian racist, caste, as in India — every hierarchical structure begins with controlling reproduction,” declared the 85-year-old Steinem. “It isn’t the side issue, it’s the basic issue.”

Noting Hollywood’s intense opposition to legislation that would severely limit the killing of babies by abortion, Variety quoted Steinem as saying that “the first thing Hitler did was to padlock the family planning clinics and declare abortion a crime against the state. I don’t think we have yet understood that it is the first step in every authoritarian structure.”

According to Variety, The Glorias “documents with an eerie timeliness how Steinem fought to make men (and even her fellow female activists) aware of the idea that abortion is never a preference, but women must be in control of their own bodies. It’s a lesson America still hasn’t woken up to, Steinem said.”

To Steinem, President Donald Trump may well be the embodiment of such a patriarchal, oppressive, anti-abortion dictatorship, given his attendance at this year’s March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., where he unapologetically declared that “every child is a precious and sacred gift from God,” and that “together, we must protect, cherish, and defend the dignity and the sanctity of every human life.”

The last time Steinem appeared on the media’s radar was in April 2019, when she spoke at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser, telling the pro-abortion audience that “the first step in every hierarchy is controlling reproduction of women” — by which she meant abortion. “It’s called patriarchy,” she added.

Actually, the first step in any oppressive regime is to take away the rights of those it considers undesirables — those without enough clout to fight back. In the case of the Nazis, that oppression resulted in killing Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, those with Down's syndrome, the mentally ill, and more — just not pre-born infants, as is done in the United States — in the name of convenience.

Steinem went on to praise America’s leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, declaring that “there is no organization in this country, or maybe on Earth, that is more important than Planned Parenthood, because you are addressing the basic equality for which all other equality springs. Male or female, we get to make decisions over our own physical selves. Nothing is more important than that.”

In response to her, pro-life editorialist Micaiah Bilger wrote on “Steinem is wrong. Few things are as contradictory to patriarchal power as abortion laws in the U.S. Because of various court decisions, fathers have no rights whatsoever to protect their unborn baby’s life if the mother wants an abortion. Countless fathers are left powerless and grieving because they legally cannot stop their own child from being aborted.”

Bilger added that Steinem’s pro-abortion message “is demeaning to women as well. It implies that women are too weak to succeed unless they can abort their unborn babies.”

Most horrific of all, however, is Steinem’s (and all pro-abortion activist’s) utter disregard for the untold millions of pre-born babies who have been annihilated through the abortion holocaust. “With abortion, there is no equality for unborn babies — living, unique human beings from the moment of conception,” wrote Bilger. “Every year, Planned Parenthood kills more than 330,000 of them in abortions and profits from their deaths.”

Bilger observed that the equality Steinem claims to stand up for “never can be achieved by trampling on the rights of others, and a true democracy should protect the rights of every human being indiscriminately, especially the most vulnerable and defenseless.”

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