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BLM Sets Sight on Another “Racist” Statue: Abraham Lincoln?

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Boston Mayor Marty Walsh favors removing a local statute of Abraham Lincoln in which he is depicted with a freed black man, giving in to a petition that demands it be taken down.

According to Walsh’s office, the mayor wants a discussion about the statue’s future and whether a new monument that commemorates the end of slavery should be put in its place.

The Lincoln statue in question is located in the city’s Park Square and is a replica of the Emancipation Memorial in Washington, which depicts the assassinated president with a hand raised above a kneeling black man who has broken shackles on his wrists.

While the purpose of the statue is to show Lincoln freeing the man from slavery, the petition argues that “instead represents us still beneath someone else.

“It says that it’s a statue that’s supposed to represent freedom. But, to me, it represents submissiveness,” said Tory Bullock, who started the online petition, which gained over 8,300 signatures as of Monday.

“It represents ‘Know your place, because that’s where you belong.’”

What does Bullock recommend replacing the Lincoln statue with?

“This is a great opportunity to get some local black artists involved in the creation of [a new] statue, to come up with something new that represents equality,” he told WCVB-TV.

In a video, Bullock expresses frustration with the concept of a “Black dude on his knees,” asking any white people watching, “Does that make you feel powerful? Does that make you feel respected? Does that make you feel good?”

In a WBUR column supportive of Bullock, historian Kevin M. Levin argues that the statue

... places African Americans in a submissive posture, who simply waited for the gift of emancipation from Lincoln and the rest of the nation rather than claiming it for themselves. It runs roughshod over the steps that enslaved men and women took throughout the war to undercut the Confederacy from within by running away from plantations as well as the service of roughly 200,000 Black men in the United States army.

The Left’s push to cancel Lincoln is the latest and most ironic twist in the social-justice crusade that has swept the nation in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

In addition to widespread protests, riots, and attacks on police officers, Black Lives Matter and other ideologically aligned groups are targeting a wide variety of statues and monuments they claim have a “racist” history.

Another popular target is Christopher Columbus. Last week in Miami, for instance, a statue of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was vandalized.

As CBS News reports,

The images shared by the Miami Police Department show a plaque below the statue reading: “He dreamed greatly; he dared courageously; he achieved mightily; guided by the hand of God; he gave us a new world — America.” In red paint over the plaque are a hammer and sickle, black power fists, “BLM,” for Black Lives Matter, and “George Floyd,” in white.

In that case, seven people in connection with the vandalism were arrested. But elsewhere, as in Middletowne, Connecticut, the mayor had a Columbus statue taken down.

As expected, the BLM crowd once again has their sights set on Thomas Jefferson for being a slave owner. A statue of the nation’s third president in front of a Portland high school was downed by protesters on Sunday. Monuments depicting confederate heroes such as Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis or simply commemorating fallen Confederate soldiers have also been singled out.

Those who subscribe to the historical censorship and revisionism of Black Lives Matter may truly believe they are ridding of the world of evil. What they fail to realize is that they are allowing themselves to be used as pawns by cultural Marxists who have a larger agenda of destroying the fabric of American society in order to replace it with a cultural, spiritual, and political order of their own making.

Yesterday, they demanded the removal of the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments. Today, they say that even Northern Civil War icons such as Abraham Lincoln and the American flag itself are racist (the latter was seen when Colin Kaepernick convinced Nike to recall a shoe with the Betsy Ross flag). 

The Left already makes the argument that the Constitution is racist. It’s a simple strategy: Brand all of America’s traditional social, political, religious, and cultural institutions as bigoted. Then, demand that all traces of “systemic racism” be removed and act according to the inevitable conclusion.

The saddest part: Their plan seems to be working.

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Luis Miguel is a marketer and writer whose journalistic endeavors shed light on the Deep State, the immigration crisis, and the enemies of freedom. Follow his exploits on Facebook, Twitter, Bitchute, and at luisantoniomiguel.com.

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