President Trump announced the creation of a 1776 Commission to counter the influence of the 1619 Project.

What happens when wokeness meets whiteness? Try this on for size: A British teacher recently said during a Black Lives Matter debate that a girl didn’t have a right to an opinion because she was white, blonde, and was “born here.”

VIDEO - In this episode of Behind The Deep State, host Alex Newman exposes the Deep State propaganda machine's "1619 Project" produced by the New York Times and fringe leftwing activist Nikole Hannah-Jones to brainwash American children in public schools with fake history to hate America. The central claim is that America has slavery and racism in its DNA, and so it must die. Fortunately, historians from all across the political spectrum have debunked the lies, and President Trump is joining the fray. Indeed, the truth is almost the opposite of the Times' phony narrative.

A Florida State University (FSU) student is suing the school after he was ousted as student senate president for expressing Catholic teachings in a private conversation with fellow Catholics.

VIDEO - In this interview with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, KAL 007 researcher and expert Bert Schlossberg reveals new evidence proving that the Soviet Union kidnapped the survivors from the flight they shot down en route to Korea. According to the evidence Schlossberg has acquired, the Soviets lied about the plane being destroyed and the passengers killed. The most well-known passenger on the flight, anti-communist Congressman Larry McDonald, a conservative Democrat from Georgia and the chairman of the John Birch Society, was tortured and interrogated at a series of sites by the KGB in Moscow and other locations. His last known whereabouts were a camp in Kazakhstan in the mid-90s. Schlossberg, author of Rescue 007 who lost a family member on the flight, is urging everyone to contact Trump and members of Congress to get a new official investigation launched.

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