A Baltimore school implanted a birth control device in a teen without parental consent, and the implant was placed improperly, causing physical ailments to the teen and potentially putting her life at risk.

After statements to the effect that Pope Francis might accept married priests, some cardinals said they’ll call for the pope’s resignation if the move goes through, and observers warn that it could create a schism.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his schools chancellor, Richard Carranza, are unhappy there aren’t “enough” blacks and Hispanics at the elite schools, so they’d cooked up a scheme to eliminate the institutions’ admissions exams.

According to an angry family in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a five-year-old autistic child was dubbed a “sexual predator” and accused of “sexual harassment” for hugging a classmate and kissing another student on the cheek at East Ridge Elementary School. And while the boy’s guardians contend the school officials are out of their element when it comes to autism, critics wonder whether this is an example of #MeToo paranoia run amok.




In an attempt to prove their progressive bona fides to the identitarian Left in America, toy manufacturer Mattel is now selling a line of “gender-neutral” dolls, meant for children as young as six.

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