It sounds like a creepy science-fiction movie about a future dystopia, but it is very real and it is happening now. The federal government is funding a new scheme to build a “friendly social robot” that will be deployed at schools to collect data on children's mental health.

The Coweta County School District in Newnan, Georgia, has issued an edict banning all coaches from participating in student-initiated prayer or other displays of worship while acting in an official capacity.

Whether they call themselves Bolsheviks, Khmer Rouge, or Viet Minh, communists use murder to gain power and keep it.

With November 4 having passed without the Antifa “revolution” promised (read: threatened) by the Revolutionary Communist Party front group calling itself “Refuse Fascism,” some in the the liberal media are busily accusing those who reported on this of crying wolf. Of course, those reports were based in fact even if the planned/promised/threatened revolution failed to materialize.


An FBI paper, “Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Current Analysis,” said King had “continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly” while posturing as a moral leader.

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