The American Medical Association has voted to support state policies that would permit minors to override their parents’ objections to vaccinations.

One of America’s most popular children’s television channels is promoting June as LGBTQ “Pride” month.

The Supreme Court has rejected notorious atheist Michael Newdow’s latest effort to expunge an official expression of religious sentiment.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law the "Save Chick-fil-A" bill, which prohibits governments in his state from taking “adverse action” against individuals or businesses because of their contributions to religious organizations.

They just can’t stop bullying the baker. First the Colorado Civil Rights Commission took legal action against Jack Phillips in 2012 for refusing to create a faux (same sex) “wedding” cake. After losing in the Supreme Court last summer, the state sued Phillips for declining to bake a cake celebrating a man’s transition from superficially normal to masquerading as female (what some call “transgender”). Now that Colorado has been compelled to drop that action, the masquerading man, an attorney going by the name Autumn Scardina, has filed his own suit against the baker. For sure, persecution is a full-time job.

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