Leftists continue to emulate the Taliban in their efforts to replace historical monuments with their own distorted version of history.

A Canadian anti-bullying group has created a transgender puppet character and accompanying booklets and videos to be used by teachers in the classroom. According to CTV News, the group hopes the materials will help educators assist children in navigating questions about their own gender and expression and will serve to minimize bullying of transgender children in schools.

The 2018-2019 football season kicked off this past weekend, and much to the dismay of many fans, so did a new season of National Anthem protests.

According to a curriculum advisory group, Texas schoolchildren should not be taught that defenders of the Alamo are heroes.

If you don’t like a leftist position, just wait a while. It’ll change. A good example of this is how while liberals fought racial segregation decades ago, now they increasingly are advocating it. 

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