The terms “religious freedom” and “religious liberty” are actually just code words for racism, intolerance, sexism, discrimination, and more, according to a radical left-wing activist Obama appointee serving as chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR). In a report released this month on balancing religious freedom with government decrees, the controversial outfit also called on policymakers to limit as much as possible religious exemptions on everything from mandated support for homosexuality to allowing men into girls' bathrooms. Critics, though, are outraged at the bigotry and intolerance displayed by Obama's extremist appointees.

Colin Kaepernick and others want to tell us what they think by sitting down during the playing of the National Anthem. Now, the fans are apparently telling them they don't like what they think, by changing the channel.

An officer-involved fatal shooting of a black man in Charlotte, North Carolina, has led to rioting and looting, which has resulted in damage and destruction of property and injuries to at least 12 police officers. Almost as soon as the shooting was reported, social media posts went viral with claims of police — again — targeting an unarmed black man and killing him simply for being black. That narrative — although false — has fueled the flames of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) fire that is raging through America’s cities, leaving destruction in its aftermath.

“Many Muslims” want “a third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe … and they say this is the end of Europe." This statement was not made by anti-jihadism crusader Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller, but by a Catholic cardinal who could be the next pope. 

Now the Social Security Administration is requiring its employees view a film that is described as pro-LGBT propaganda. One employee, David Hall, is telling the federal government that he does not intend to watch a video that promotes abomination.

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