Three judges in Britain have ruled against the appeal of a mother whose children were adopted by a homosexual couple.

The state took the children because the woman and her mate, the children’s father, are alcoholics.

Officials in the London borough of Camden had said homosexuals could adopt the children. The three-judge panel, two of them leftist women, said the borough council did the right thing because the woman would not, most likely, stop drinking.

U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock has been attacked by both Democrats and members of his own Republican Party for saying that a child conceived because of rape is still a gift from God. 

Over the past couple of years higher education institutions across the nation have been targeting student Christian groups that require their leaders to embrace the tenets of biblical Christianity. In mid-October Tufts University in Massachusetts became the latest example of that secular intolerance when the school's student government banned Tufts Christian Fellowship (TCF), the school's chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, because of the group's requirement that its leaders embrace the “basic biblical truths of Christianity.”

A long-term study out of New Zealand has found that teens using marijuana on a regular basis may suffer from lowered intelligence as adults. Researchers followed 1,037 individuals, born between 1972 and 1973, for nearly four decades, analyzing them for the effects of persistent marijuana use on neuropsychological functioning. The participants, approximately five percent of which began using marijuana as teenagers, were given IQ tests at age 14, before any had begun using the drug, and again at 38, and were additionally surveyed at ages 18, 21, 26, and 38 about their drug use.

On October 23, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago blocked Indiana's defunding of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, affirming a lower court's preliminary injunction against the state law as a Planned Parenthood lawsuit against it makes its way through the courts. In its ruling, the three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit said that the suit, filed jointly by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, would likely succeed on the argument that the funding ban violates a federal statute that allows patients in state Medicaid programs to choose their healthcare providers.

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