We balk at the notion that the sins of the fathers are visited upon their children. But a new study confirms that a society that coddles and enables its youth, dooms them to a life of anxiety, entitlement, and wasted potential.

You can’t please all the people all the time, but you can displease most of them most of the time. The University of Missouri (UM) is learning this the hard way: It’s bleeding enrollment after left-wing protests — enabled by a left-wing school administration — racked the campus in 2015. 

Judge William Orrick will hold pro-life activist David Daleiden’s attorneys in contempt of court for publishing videos of a National Abortion Federation meeting in which the attendees laughed about carving up pre-born infants.

The British Medical Association has voted in favor of the decriminalization of abortion up to the 28th week of pregnancy — paving the way for “abortion on demand” across Great Britain.

The leftist climate that has overtaken many college campuses across the United States has resulted in a general distrust of higher institutions among Republicans, a new survey shows.

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