The Islamic terror-linked group CAIR is celebrating Baltimore County's decision to close schools on Islamic holidays.

Profanity, violence, and sex are skyrocketing on TV content rated acceptable for children.

A new Trump administration rule that would have allowed healthcare clinicians to refuse to provide abortions for moral or religious reasons has been struck down as “unconstitutional.” 

To discourage Californians from leaving the state, California Democrats would either need to cut back on the onerous government controls it has generated or institute "capital controls" to keep people from taking all of their money and property with them.

When Americans hear the word “slavery,” they generally think of the U.S. variety formally made illegal in 1865. But a type of slavery that has been practiced for 13 centuries straight — continuing to this day — is largely ignored, complains Senegalese academic Tidiane N’Diaye.

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