The recent passing of singing great Patti Page puts a lot of things in better perspective. For one thing, it ought to give us pause whenever we hear the familiar throwaway line, "What's in a name?"

Surrogate parenting just got a whole lot more complicated. The state of Kansas is trying to force a man to pay support for a child he fathered through artificial insemination for a lesbian couple.

The founder of Domino's Pizza is the latest to win a temporary injunction blocking enforcement of the Obama administration's contraception mandate.

Students at high schools in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, returned from Christmas break to find a “gift” from the school district: dispensers at the nurse's office filled with free condoms. reported that the condom dispensers were placed in the 22 area high schools where students supposedly have the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the atheist group that has carved out a niche in the legal game by suing school districts and municipalities for supposedly violating the First Amendment, has turned its harassment on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for giving churches and religious organizations “preferential treatment” in filing for and maintaining their tax-exempt privileges.

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