A survey of college students is confirming what our own eyes already show us. Support for the First Amendment is eroding among college students.  

VIDEO - Bill Jasper sits down with Alex Newman to discuss his speaking tour titled, Rescuing our Children. Find out why Alex says the battle for education could be the key issue for preserving our nations liberty and Independence.

In spite of being closed on Sundays and its commitment to conservative Christian values, Chic-fil-A is on course to become the third largest restaurant chain in the United States.

A Pennsylvania school principal has been forced to stop saying “God Bless America,” thanks to the empty intimidation of an atheist-agnostic group.

Got adversity? If so, you’ll be advantaged when your Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score is assessed. That is, if you’ve experienced “adversity” as the social engineers define it.

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