A judge is holding hearings to consider ordering that a mentally disabled woman have an abortion, against the wishes of the woman's legal guardians and the wishes of the woman herself.

Criswell College, founded in 1971 by W.A. Criswell, the famed and fiery pastor of Dallas' First Baptist Church, declared in its suit filed November 1 that it would be “sinful and immoral for it to intentionally participate in, pay for, facilitate, or otherwise support abortion, which destroys human life.” 

In a major shift in America's culture wars, advocates of gay marriage won in at least three states Tuesday, as voters in Maine and Maryland voted in legal recognition of same-sex marriage, while Minnesotans shot down a proposed amendment to the state constitution to define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. Voters in the state of Washington also had an initiative to legalize same-sex marriage on their ballots, and as of Wednesday afternoon the tallied votes were showing a slight lead in favor of the measure.

Recently two very different women died, both at the age of 90: Helen Gurley Brown of Cosmopolitan magazine, who played a key role in the sexual revolution of the 1960s and "liberated" women from the "oppression of Christian morality," and Dolores Marie Jasper, devoted wife and mother who lived a valiant life of courage, faith, dignity, and love. Dolores Marie Jasper spent her life building up civilization, while Helen Gurley Brown did her best to tear it down.


A think tank in Communist China is recommending that the government do away with its 30-year policy that has limited most Chinese couples to having but one child. 

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