The head diversity officer for Washington, D.C.'s Gallaudet University, the nation's premier college for the deaf, has been suspended from her position after it was revealed that she had signed a petition in Maryland to overturn that state's same-sex marriage law.

A Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta has won a battle to prevent retail giant Walmart from selling liquor at one of its stores, which is situated next to the church. A local ordinance in Marietta, Georgia, bans the sale of alcohol within 600 feet of a church or school. Over the past several years, Walmart has been pressing Cobb County to grant it a waiver to sell liquor at a store situated only 200 feet from the 63-year-old Pine Grove Baptist Church. The church has steadfastly opposed the move, and on October 9 the congregation won against Walmart when the Cobb County Commission denied the waiver.

It took the complaint of just one parent to induce the school district of Shorewood, a suburb of Milwaukee, to drop a new student-designed logo from the high school football team's helmets. The reason: The logo included a cross, along with a bishop's hat.

Milwaukee area news sources are reporting that a school bus driver for the school district of New Berlin, a Milwaukee suburb, was fired after she berated a 12-year-old student riding her bus because his family displayed a Romney yard sign in front of their house. According to a blog site entitled Freedom Eden, the 81-year-old driver, who had been sparring with the boy for some time about the sign, went as far as suggesting the boy, who attends a New Berlin Catholic school, should have been aborted.

A pastor in Virginia is taking on the Democratic Party's long-time stranglehold on the black voting bloc, telling fellow black Americans that it is high time for them to end their “slavish devotion to the Democrat Party.” In a nearly four-minute video produced by the group Americans Taking a Stand, Bishop E.W. Jackson, pastor of Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Virginia, nails the Democrats for their support of abortion and homosexual marriage, and for eschewing Christian values, in the process challenging black Christians to make a mass exodus from the party.

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