Over a dozen NewYork City high schools are making the “morning after” contraception pill available to their students, under a program initiated by the city's health department. High schools around the nation have handed out condoms to students for years, but observers said this is the first known case of a school district dispensing the emergency contraceptive, also known as the “abortion pill” because of its ability to cause abortion in women who take it after sex.


Delaware has become the very first state to pass a controversial law that effectively outlaws the corporal discipline of children by their parents. Senate bill 234 was signed into law by Governor Jack Markell on September 12.


Following the arrests of several individuals for sharing their Christian faith on New Orleans' notorious Bourbon Street, a 2011 ordinance that effectively bans religious speech in the city's “anything goes” party district has prompted a series of First Amendment lawsuits.

Fifty years ago, Rachel Carson published her book Silent Spring. The politically correct pseudo-science therein was largely responsible for the banning of DDT in much of the world, resulting in perhaps hundreds of millions of deaths.

Pennsylvania’s New Oxford High School marching band stirred controversy earlier this week after a halftime show that commemorated the Russian Revolution included olive military-style uniforms and giant hammers and sickles. There was an immediate public outcry against the performance prompting the superintendent to issue an apology for the display. Additionally, the band has reportedly made significant changes to the halftime show.

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