“Many Muslims” want “a third Islamic attempt to conquer Europe … and they say this is the end of Europe." This statement was not made by anti-jihadism crusader Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller, but by a Catholic cardinal who could be the next pope. 

Now the Social Security Administration is requiring its employees view a film that is described as pro-LGBT propaganda. One employee, David Hall, is telling the federal government that he does not intend to watch a video that promotes abomination.

Science and logic invalidate the claims of the transgender lobby in the way of inheritability, diagnoses, and societal effect.

Digital addiction is turning kids into tech junkies, connected to devices and disconnected from people. And this habit can be harder to kick than alcohol or even drugs.

Two businesses have decided that they do not want to be associated with disrespect for the National Anthem, and so they have pulled their endorsements from Broncos player Brandon Marshall.

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