A list of supposedly fake news sources — which included legitimate conservative sites such as Breitbart, Red State, Project Veritas, and WorldNetDaily — is being used to discredit those who dare tell the truth.  

When he trotted onto the field at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, this past Sunday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was met with a chorus of boos.

Obama's awards ceremony on Tuesday celebrated those successfully pushing the liberal agenda.

Although many holidays have broad international appeal, Thanksgiving — arguably America’s second-favorite holiday after Christmas — is celebrated only in the United States and Canada. What originated as a sort of harvest festival among British colonists in the New World has taken on a life of its own. No longer is Thanksgiving a mere celebration of the harvest (a ritual found in many cultures); it has become a symbol of the oft-neglected virtue of gratitude.

The ultimate goal of radicals who are attacking our American flag is not just the flag, or the National Anthem, but our very form of government, which was established to protect liberty and justice for all.

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