Activists have taken to the streets to protest the elected Republican candidate, Donald Trump, in exhibits that can only be described as temper tantrums, many of which have become violent. But rather than repudiate the behavior of these protesters and dispute any contention that the election was anything but fair (let’s pretend for a moment that the mainstream media was unbiased in its campaign coverage), North Carolina State University officials have bought into the notion that its students were somehow wronged by the election outcome, and have provided them with “comfort” foods and safe spaces.

A report from the California attorney general warns educational technology companies to take care in the data they derive from students.

Joseph Stalin said he could convert the entire world to communism if he were given control of the American movie industry. Now the Chinese communists are steadily making moves in that direction.

He refused to touch a gun, yet wanted to serve his country during World War II. After being mocked and badgered for his pacifism, he became a hero.

With the public schools becoming increasingly hostile to conservative values and the Christian faith, more and more parents are choosing to homeschool.

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