In one sense, the use of the phrase "the wrong side of history" is just a version of the kids' "everyone else is doing it." At its worst, however, it is used to advance the very worst of the causes of the Left.

Could you imagine lightweight boxers complaining they don’t get the money and exposure of the heavyweights, calling the different treatment “staturism”? Yet this is essentially the situation at the Wimbledon tennis championships this week.

Government schools are now conducting mental health and psychological assessments of your children each month. Even more alarming: Parents have not offered their consent, or even been told that the exams are taking place.

New research from Europe appears to show that individuals with religious faith are more tolerant and open-minded than their atheist and skeptical counterparts.

The United States of America declared its independence on July 4, 1776. Two hundred and forty-one years later, that independence is being threatened like never before.

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