Every year liberals replace the the truth of the Christmas story — that Jesus entered the world to bring salvation — with their latest leftist agenda item. This year, U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez pointed to the Holy Family's flight into Egypt to claim that a Trump Wall would have meant the killing of the Baby Jesus.

Would it make sense to let McDonald’s franchises decide whether Burger King can do business in their areas? This is essentially the situation created, say critics, by a November New York State Department of Education guidance empowering local government schools to assess the curricula of private schools in their districts and then determine whether they’re fit to operate.

In what was seen by many observers as a throwback to evil ideas from Germany's National Socialist (Nazi) days, German authorities helped publish a pamphlet advocating the re-education of children whose parents disagree with the regime's official (and totally insane) ideology.

Christmas is perhaps the Left's favorite time of year because it provides the opportunity to create absurd problems for their many "solutions." This Christmas season has proven no different from years past.

California Democrats want to make the first two years of community college tuition-free for all students in the Golden State, and there’s nothing Republicans can do to stop them.

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