President Donald Trump unveiled his much-anticipated executive order expanding religious freedom in the Rose Garden on Thursday, the nation’s National Day of Prayer.

In 1950s-era pamphlets, Planned Parenthood advised potential clients that abortion is "dangerous" and "kills the life of a baby."

An incident in the Raleigh, North Carolina, suburb of Garner serves to illustrate just how pervasive the War on Police — which is part of a larger War on Society — has become. Police officers dining in a local Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q restaurant Friday night found themselves serenaded by the employees and manager to the tune of the “classic” gansta rap song “F*** tha Police.”


The highest court of the United Methodist Church ruled April 28 that the denomination's western jurisdiction violated church law when it elected an openly lesbian clergy as its bishop.

Man, oh man, when will we man-up and say no to political correctness? It certainly won’t happen soon enough for a University of Florida student just penalized for using the word “man” in an essay. 

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