High-school students in Dallas, Oregon, must share restroom facilities with their “transgender” peers, a federal judge has ruled.

In a half-baked column that was apparently meant to be a defense of government schools, Washington (Com) Post “education” columnist Valerie Strauss wondered why non-government education was not being blamed for the “mess” that she believes President Donald Trump has inflicted on America.

Policymakers at the radical left-wing nuthouse known as the University of Minnesota are considering a new policy that would force everyone — professors and students — to use the “preferred pronouns” of individuals claiming to be confused about their gender.

Despite laws mandating a vigorous 9-year program of communist indoctrination for all children, a growing number of Chinese parents are risking the ire of their brutal rulers to educate their kids at home.

A growing number of young moms and dads across America are indulging in a bizarre new parenting trend: starting their kids off in life as gender-neutral “theybies.”

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