A couple in Canada was denied the right to adopt a child because of their conviction that homosexuality is a sin.

Starbucks is in the spotlight again this holiday season for allegedly promoting homosexuality with its Christmas-themed coffee cups.

The impiety of many of our country's present leaders makes it easy to forget that the United States was once governed by devout men who acknowledged the one true God and their debt to Him in everything. These statesmen were courageously unafraid to give public thanks to God. It is refreshingly edifying to review the role our founders played in establishing Thanksgiving Day.

Even in light of the timely and invaluable aid proffered by the Indians, more than any other consideration it was the tireless and firm faith of the Pilgrims that kept them alive and animated their steadfast resolve to bloom where the Hand of the Almighty God had planted them, no matter how rocky, unknown, and hostile the soil.

With Thanksgiving this week, it is an optimal time for anyone who is white to layer themselves in guilt.

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