The Black Law Students Association and student chapter of the National Lawyers Guild at Cornell University Law School have intensified the campaign to end the teaching career of neoconservative Professor William Jacobsen.

After getting rid of Confederate statues, Cops, and Gone with the Wind, the BLM crowd is now targeting such harmful images as Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben.

BSA's national executive council vowed to combat racism and will now require scouts to obtain a "diversity and inclusion" merit badge to reach Eagle.

The Iowa Legislature passed a pro-life amendment on Sunday that requires women seeking abortions to undergo a 24-hour waiting period and provide a letter to the abortion doctor confirming they’ve had an ultrasound and received information from the Iowa Department of Public Health detailing the risks associated with abortion and the alternative options to an abortion, including adoption. “Informed consent” legislation like Iowa’s is invaluable in that it compels mothers to confront the reality that their abortions are ending an actual life and not just eliminating a group of cells, as pro-abortionists claim.

The mayor of Boston is giving in to an online petition that calls for the removal of a statue that depicts Lincoln and celebrates the end of slavery.   



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