The NBA top executives are hoping to avoid the public relations problems faced by the NFL.

Faced with increasingly violent Marxist revolutionaries styling themselves “Antifa,” along with legions of useful idiots who might genuinely believe their phony narrative, conservatives and non-statists on college campuses across America have been in many cases literally terrorized into silence. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is working to change that.

Hugh Hefner, the playboy who in 1953 founded Playboy magazine, died yesterday at age 91. The publisher is being remembered as a bold cultural revolutionary and savvy businessman, but the reaction to his death, as that to his life, tells us more about the masses and media than the man.

Conservative activists at Cal-Berkeley attempted to rally for free speech, but leftist radicals were determined to prevent it, resulting in yet another violent confrontation.

A disturbed and apparently confused 5th grade teacher in Florida sparked a parental outcry and a national scandal after demanding that the young children she indoctrinates refer to her by the supposedly gender-neutral term “Mix” instead of the traditional Miss or Ms. Victims included children as young as 9-years old.

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