A benign painting of French traders rowing merrily down a river with several Native American Indians is so "offensive" that it is being removed from its prominent place in a Wisconsin college.

What is behind this constant effort to find something "offensive?"

Striking a blow against the unscientific “transgender” agenda, Pope Francis called the notion of “gender fluidity” the “annihilation of man” during a recent meeting with bishops in Poland. 

Seattle taxpayers are footing the bill in the latest left-wing indoctrination efforts regarding so-called “white privilege.” In this particular circumstance, the focus is actually on “white fragility” and it is part of a set of “racial equity” workshops that Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture is hosting in August and September.

Marion Morrison, known as John Wayne, became a symbol of what Americans valued and what they aspired to be: individualistic, self-reliant, and just.

The Supreme Court temporarily stayed a lower court’s ruling that a Virginia transgender student has the right under federal law to use the boys’ bathroom.

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