Physical handicaps and emotional scars are among the wounds inflicted on the courageous survivors of the Abortion War, yet they emerge triumphant.

It is vitally important that families and parents understand the dangers of home visitation programs, and the totalitarian nature of the vision behind those programs.

Whatever his faults, Francisco Franco stood bravely against totalitarianism, saving Spain and hastening Axis defeat.

Antonio Gramsci was both a man of action and thought and, whatever the outcome of the events of the next several decades, he will almost certainly be reckoned by future historians to have been a remarkable figure.

Freedom-lovers everywhere must understand that the battle in which we are engaged is at root a spiritual one. The Insiders are working diligently to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage with beliefs that will reduce us to spiritual bondage and corresponding political impotence. We must therefore recognize the growing New Age culture for the deadly threat that it is.

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