Abortion ProtestThe contrasts could hardly have been more striking. On one side were families — including many young children in strollers and backpacks, as well as elderly grandparents — marching peacefully, praying, and singing. Facing off against them: a seething, aggressive mob of mostly 20- and 30-somethings screaming profanities and political slogans through bullhorns and loudspeakers — egged on by the mayor and other city officials. After subjecting the estimated 8,000 marchers to a mile-long gauntlet of deafening taunts and threats, the militant mob surged through thin police lines and blocked the street, defying police orders to disperse. The pro-life march came to a halt, trapped in tight streets crowded with demonstrators, bystanders, and tourists.

TV programming is designed to shepherd viewers into compromising their values. To preserve freedom, Americans should severely limit or entirely eliminate their TV viewing.

Among the elite fellowship of those who have earned our nation’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, The John Birch Society is well represented.

After viewing the failures of collectivism around the world, Robert Welch took upon himself the responsibility to fight collectivism and communism with all of the power he could muster. 

Homeschoolers have been vigilant in protecting their rights, rising to the occasion when they discover threats to clamp down on their activities.

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