Kinsey Syndrome DVD coverThe Kinsey Syndrome, a DVD documentary about the "Father of the Sexual Revolution" and his research, relies on the investigative work of Dr. Judith Reisman as it examines Kinsey's methods, his supporters, and his legacy of lust.

What a society talks about — and what it fails to — both speak volumes about it. And lately, the news has been replete with stories about the Obama’s new canine acquisition, a Portuguese water dog the first family has fittingly named Bo. Yet while the little curly-haired purebred is creating a tempest in a teapot — because Barack Obama said during the campaign that he intended to get a “rescued” dog, such as one from a shelter — few talk about a type of rescue to which Obama won’t even pay lip service.

Rick WarrenMany think California pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren to be a purveyor of designer religion. Now these critics have been given some more ammunition in the form of an interview the mega-church mogul gave to CNN’s Larry King. At issue are comments Warren made in which he seemed to vacillate in his support of his state’s pro-marriage amendment, Proposition 8, and appeared indifferent to the matter of same-sex "marriage" in general.

CrossThe women’s basketball team at the University of Connecticut has done more than go undefeated and win the NCAA basketball championship again this year. The lady Huskies have reminded us of the strength and dauntless courage so often shown by women in athletics and in other, less glamorous aspects of life. In fact, as Good Friday nears, I consider the women in the Passion narratives and I realize that if basketball had been played in Jerusalem, circa 33 AD, I would not have bet against the women’s team.

Newsweek religion coverEver anxious to create controversy, Newsweek, in its April 13 cover story, has proclaimed “the decline and fall of Christian America.” The number of Americans who consider themselves Christians has fallen 10 percentage points in two decades, Newsweek’s Jon Meacham reported with scantily-disguised glee. “Our politics and our culture are, in the main, less influenced by movements and arguments of an explicitly Christian character than they were even five years ago,” Meacham wrote. “I think this is a good thing — good for our political culture, which, as the American Founders saw, is complex and charged enough without attempting to compel or coerce religious belief or observance.”

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