John WitherspoonJohn Witherspoon was not only a Founding Father, but in his roles as preacher and professor he taught and influenced many of the great men of the Founding era.

valkyrieOn a sultry July day in 1944, a man walks into the "Wolf's Lair" carrying a briefcase. He is initiating a bold plot, one that aims to assassinate one of the world's most ruthless and powerful men, Adolf Hitler, and topple the whole of his Nazi government. Integral to this ambitious coup is what lies in his briefcase, a bomb.  It is set to detonate ... the wheels are in motion. It is only a matter of time now.

Both before and after Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba on January 1, 1959, the major media in America portrayed him as a champion of the Cuban people and a freedom fighter who was not a communist. It was not until December 1961, when Castro himself said he was a communist, that the media acknowledged this truth. Later, in an April 26, 1963 press conference, Dwight Eisenhower, who was president when Castro came to power, opined: "It would have taken a genius of prophecy to know that Castro was a Communist when he took control of Cuba." But Eisenhower did not say that Robert Welch, who founded the John Birch Society the month before Castro came to power, was warning at the time that Castro was a communist.

Statues of Marx and EngelsEven in the United States, the Utopian economic and political system known as socialism remains attractive to those who are not familiar with its track record of broken promises.

Jesus of NazarethHis birthday is celebrated throughout the world this month. Though he lived on earth only 33 years, today's date is measured from when he was born. Though he lived in an obscure corner of the Roman Empire nearly 2,000 years ago, more than one billion people today call themselves his followers. Though he never wrote a book, tens of thousands of books have been written about his life and his teachings. His name is Jesus, and he has had a more salutary influence on human history than any person who ever lived.

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