Dr. Judith Reisman is president of the Institute for Media Education and author of Kinsey, Sex and Fraud (1990); Soft Porn Plays Hardball (1991); and the explosive 1998 exposé Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences.

Freedom-lovers everywhere must understand that the battle in which we are engaged is at root a spiritual one. The Insiders are working diligently to replace our Judeo-Christian heritage with beliefs that will reduce us to spiritual bondage and corresponding political impotence. We must therefore recognize the growing New Age culture for the deadly threat that it is.

Josef StalinHistory’s most influential organ of “holocaust denial” was not some obscure neo-Nazi periodical, but rather the old gray lady of the media cartel — the New York Times. Unlike the hypothetical “danger” posed by Holocaust revisionists and a relative handful of neo-Nazi eccentrics, the Times’ blatant refusal to acknowledge the truth about the Soviet-engineered Ukrainian terror famine of 1930-33 resulted in real tragedy. By spiking the story of Stalin’s genocide against the independence-seeking Christians of Ukraine, the Times helped pave the way for diplomatic recognition of the Soviet regime by FDR’s Administration — and for the collaboration between the Soviets and Western elites that led to the annihilation or enslavement of additional millions of innocent victims.

Though his name may be unfamiliar to most Americans, Avraham Shifrin was arguably the world’s top authority on the Soviet system of prisons and slave-labor camps. His exhaustive research on the subject, spanning some 45 years and including the decade during which he was himself a "guest" of the gulags, stands as a stark reminder of the true nature of the loathsome system which spawned such currently heralded "former" communist luminaries as Boris Yeltsin and Mikhail Gorbachev, and sundry leaders of erstwhile Soviet states and satellites. On March 5, Shifrin passed away in Jerusalem at the age of 74.

Alvin Cullum York was one of the greatest heroes America ever produced. His faith in God, his modest and honorable character, and his sacrifice on behalf of his country continue to command the utmost respect and admiration from Americans. His life serves as a model for future generations of Americans.

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