We’re not yet like Britain, where a practical joker who trained his girlfriend’s dog to give the Nazi salute was charged with a “hate crime” and punished. But we’re getting closer. Just ask hapless schoolteacher Ben Frisch.

Despite carrying more than $20 trillion in debt and some $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities, the federal government has decided that spending more of your money studying critically important things like “gender microaggressions” in engineering must go on.

Clerical sexual abuse afflicts more victims than the minors who are molested; these scandals also threaten to destroy the reputations and careers of good priests falsely accused.

College campuses are doing little to quell the pervasiveness of the snowflake culture amongst young people, and are, in fact, cultivating it with the use of “safe spaces.” The latest example of this can be seen at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, where students are now being invited to report to the school’s bias response team if they feel “belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on their identity.”

In an effort to attract snowflake college students to the polls, one voter organization has opted to utilize therapy dogs to entice students to register to vote.

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