Lily Garcia, president of the NEA — the largest, most progressive, and most activist teacher’s union in the country — just used her bully pulpit to address America’s foremost educational issue. According to Garcia, that issue is not our failing government schools, the exploding cost and shrinking results of our classrooms, or the developmentally inappropriate leftist social engineering that has replaced genuine education. No, the key issue facing our government schools is that Donald Trump is upsetting teachers and making school children cry because of his evil Trump ways.

It’s said there’s no such thing as bad press, and this certainly may be true if the case of criminal rapper Jahseh Onfroy is any indication. Because a video he made in which he hangs a six-year-old white boy now has more than seven million views on YouTube.

College officials across the country are employing some rather draconian measures to ensure a sense of inclusion for their minority and left-wing students, despite the fact that these tactics often alienate a majority of their other students. The latest example of this is at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, where students and faculty are being encouraged to report to the school’s Behavior Assessment Team any action perceived to be “inappropriate” or “argumentative.”

Online “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston was suspended from Twitter over her condemnation of a pornographic article published by Teen Vogue.

A pro-life investigator has been ordered to pay nearly $200k for releasing undercover videos of abortionists openly discussing the sale of body parts from aborted babies.

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