Faced with an illegitimate U.S. Supreme Court ruling purporting to create a “right” to a so-called homosexual “marriage,” lawmakers in Alabama are working to protect state officials and the government from complicity in what has been widely described as the desecration or even destruction of marriage. Under the bill, which is moving quickly through the legislature, Alabama would no longer issue marriage “licenses” to anyone, nor would it require a “ceremony.” Instead, couples would simply enter into a binding contract that would be recorded by officials — no signature or endorsement needed. Basically, in Alabama, the government would significantly reduce its involvement in marriage.

History is in the making as the anniversary of Roe v. Wade is positioned to take a backseat to a new and opposing milestone in America. In a monumental move on Friday, President Trump declared January 22 “National Sanctity Of Human Life Day” — the absolute antithesis of the dreaded Supreme Court decision made 45 years ago on that date.

Critics complain that the Justin Trudeau regime is discriminating against Christian organizations and students in its Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program. 

Despite blasting federal overreach in education and making other statements sure to delight conservatives and constitutionalists, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos continued to mislead Americans on Common Core last week. Indeed, despite the dumbed-down national standards still being in place in almost every state, DeVos falsely claimed that Common Core was “dead” at the Department of Education.

Three-quarters of Americans, including those who classify themselves as “pro-choice,” support significant restrictions on abortion.

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