GWU is changing the names of campus fixtures featuring its “Colonials” mascot after the passage of a student referendum that called it an “offensive” symbol.

VIDEO - With the new school year upon us, Dr. Duke Pesta speaks on the predominance of social justice in the education system today. With the trickle down ideas that start at the top with Universities, schools are looking to get rid of gifted programs as a way to fit students into more of a "one size fits all" curriculum.

VIDEO - Rep. Mike Hill of Florida talked with Dr. Duke Pesta regarding a couple of hot topics concerning today's culture. The first topic being gun control and red flag laws, Rep. Hill expressed his concern for the law, deeming parts of it unconstitutional, but praised other aspects of it. The second topic involved Hill's bill he's working on - a right to life bill. He mentioned that he was coming at it from a different angle than what most lawmakers have tried in the past.

A respected Yale professor argues that Darwinism is no longer a tenable theory, and scholars should at least consider intelligent design.




A New York City education panel put together by Mayor Bill de Blasio recommended a new scheme to “fully integrate” all schools within 10 years.

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