VIDEO - In this interview, Alex Newman speaks with Dr. Paul Cameron, leader of Family Research Institute in Colorado Springs. Dr. Cameron is a leading authority on the LGBTQ movement, having begun his battle in 1980 against the Kinsey Institute and the push for “gay clubs” in public schools. In this interview, he shares current statistics on homosexuality in schools and how it’s changed over time.

VIDEO - Alex Newman interviews Dominic, a young man who shares his experiences as a public school student, such as being condemned for writing about his faith and standing for the Pledge of Allegiance, and the American flag being removed from his classroom.

Christianity Today has gotten significant push-back from evangelical leaders at odds with the magazine’s insistence that President Trump should be removed from office.

A county judge is suing the state of Texas for being reprimanded over her refusal to perform same-sex “marriages.”

A school in London has taken to changing the lyrics to the Christian Christmas song Away in a Manger to secularize the song and increase its inclusivity.

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