Lawmakers in Illinois, apparently unashamed as their state implodes into insolvency, are working on a bill that would fix ... the supposed lack of enough homosexual and transgender history? Yes, really.

The far-left American Association of University Professors (AAUP), which styles itself the “leading organization primarily dedicated to protecting the academic freedom of professors,” has launched a campaign to fight against free speech on college campuses. Seriously.

“Dumba** f***ing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs p*****g on a fire hydrant.” It’s no shock that the preceding was tweeted out on the Web. What may surprise some is that the tweeter was the New York Times’ new editorial-board hire Sarah Jeong — and that the paper is standing by her even though other similarly vile bigoted tweets have surfaced. 

VIDEO - On June 21-23, 2018, the 2018 Red Pill Expo was held in Spokane, Washington by Freedom Force International. Alex Newman attended the event and spoke with Elaine Willman about American Indians' rights and dependence on the tribal government.

An unpublished section of the autobiography of onetime racist and racial separatist Malcolm X, along with rare documents written by noted plagiarist Alex Haley, have been sold at auction. The material by Malcolm X — whose mid-’1960s renunciation of both “racism” and the Nation of Islam would inspire the latter to assassinate him — contains racial rhetoric that includes the line, “the white man is like a cactus.”

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