Conservative activists at Cal-Berkeley attempted to rally for free speech, but leftist radicals were determined to prevent it, resulting in yet another violent confrontation.

A disturbed and apparently confused 5th grade teacher in Florida sparked a parental outcry and a national scandal after demanding that the young children she indoctrinates refer to her by the supposedly gender-neutral term “Mix” instead of the traditional Miss or Ms. Victims included children as young as 9-years old.

Though the National Anthem protests seem to be increasing, with more and more players participating, NFL teams are beginning to lose fans in droves as a result. 

Owners, coaches, and players are now saying they are not skipping the National Anthem to trash the country, the flag, the military, or the police, but the comments coming from the Steelers illustrates the contradictions coming out of the NFL.

A teacher at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, Georgia, is accused of violating students’ First Amendment rights on September 2 when she told them to remove their pro-Trump t-shirts. Now the school is threatening to prohibit a student protest planned for September 27 to show opposition to that teacher’s actions.

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