Much like The John Birch Society, 40 Days for Life supporters are increasingly having a positive impact on the culture.  By Bob Adelmann

The most prominent figure at this year’s Oscar Awards Sunday night was not even there and was not nominated for anything. The consistent center of attention — all of it negative — at the awards ceremony was President Donald Trump. But considering the animosity the liberal establishment in Hollywood has shown for the president, that is not surprising. In fact, the 2017 Oscars could best be desribed as a Trump roast that was occasioanlly interupted by actors, producers, and directors receiving awards.

Despite a lack of evidence, sloppy journalists and even some irresponsible historians persist in perpetuating the ugly charge that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by his slave Sally Hemings.

A single mother homeschooling her children was arrested and her property was impounded by the Child Protective Services (CPS) agency in Buffalo, New York, which claimed she was inflicting "educational neglect" on her children by teaching them at home.

One of the organizers for the next women’s anti-Trump march is an illegal immigrant who was convicted of terrorism. According to the Daily Mail, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, 69, is a former member of the Marxist-Leninist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) who was convicted of killing two men in a bombing at an Israeli supermarket and is facing deportation for lying about her involvement in it in her citizenship application. Odeh and her fellow organizers are calling on women to take part in an anti-capitalist, feminist march next month to oppose President Trump and his “aggressively misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic and racist policies.”

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