Hillary Clinton has been accused of protecting a senior campaign aide from a charge of sexual harassment.

Government schools in Missouri are under fire after distributing surveys to children aged 10 and 11 asking whether they wanted to change genders.

The “separation of church and state” is certainly upheld in today’s government schools. As for the separation of mosque and state, well, not so much. A case in point is Chatham Middle School (CMS) in Chatham, New Jersey, where students were shown Islamic propaganda videos that included an explicit call to convert to Islam.

Cecile Richards plans to step down as the head of Planned Parenthood after 12 years at the helm of the nation's leading abortion provider.

It is becoming increasingly clear that social justice warriors (SJWs) don’t actually want to achieve “equality,” as in equal access and opportunity, but lower standards to create an illusion of equality. A prime example of this is on display at Oxford University, the once prestigious school in London, where students have now been offered extra testing time during math and science exams in the hopes that it would alleviate the gender gap in which the male students are outperforming the female students.

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