The Food and Drug Administration is continuing its campaign against vaping despite evidence that it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes and is more effective in helping smokers to quit than other alternatives.

An employee at one of California's largest Christian universities is suing the school to adopt more “LGTB-inclusive” policies.

Joe Biden continues the libelous assault upon the character of Judge Clarence Thomas, illustrating that liberals are willing to distort the past in order to win "victories" in the future.

Under the guise of “education” and “transparency,” congressional leaders and their cronies are plotting to create a totalitarian-style federal data regime that would ultimately seek to compile federal dossiers containing detailed private information on every American. What remains of privacy and parental rights are both in grave danger.

A math teacher in Oxfordshire, U.K., has been suspended from his position for "misgendering" a female student who wishes to be a male.

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