The ultimate goal of radicals who are attacking our American flag is not just the flag, or the National Anthem, but our very form of government, which was established to protect liberty and justice for all.

In the wake of Donald Trump's stunning election victory, many leftists are complaining that there now are "two Americas." Not only is this lament nothing new, however, but having merely two Americas would actually be an improvement.

A group of professors and students at the University of Virginia have published a letter criticizing the school's president for quoting Thomas Jefferson.

The radical resistance against Trump — funded and manned by the Left throughout his campaign — has shifted into high gear in the wake of his electoral victory. The “protests” against candidate Trump have turned into riots against president elect Trump. In cities all across America, large crowds — many violent — have taken to the streets since the election results came in. In city after city, they are all carrying the same signs and shouting the same slogans. Who is behind these “spontaneous” protests?

Two Trump supporters at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, may be facing expulsion because they dared to celebrate Trump’s victory in the presence of Hillary Clinton supporters.

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