It is a rare occasion when college students desire to take an exam. Unfortunately it has become a common occurrence for students to grandstand and verbally attack the administering professors.

In a deeply controversial survey given to schoolchildren across the country, federal authorities improperly solicit information about everything from the sexual and drug habits of children to home and family life.

The Trump administration announced major changes to the ObamaCare contraception mandate granting more protections to companies and organizations whose religious convictions are at odds with the rule.

Americans reflexively utter the same clause when preparing a defense of the United States (against, lamentably, other “Americans”), “Well, I know our country isn’t perfect,” but what country is perfect, or even better?

In a troubling sign of things to come across the Western world, government schools across the United Kingdom will no longer use the terms “Before Christ” (BC) or “Anno Domini” (AD) for historical dates — even in religious education.

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