Recent Gallup polls appear to reflect and confirm the “secularization thesis” in the United States, i.e., that less Americans are attending church. In reality, attendance among committed believers has never been higher.

A nine-year-old Catholic boy created a website to get people to pray for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s conversion to the pro-life cause.

VIDEO - C. Mitchell Shaw joins Top Headline to discuss his article "Notre Dame Survived. How About Christian Europe?" Shaw discusses the historical significance of the cathedral and its impact on France.

In what may end up being one of the most significant challenges to abortion in America since Roe v. Wade, states across the country are working to protect pre-born children who are old enough for their heartbeats to be detected.

Notre Dame Cathedral has stood for over 800 years. It survived the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. It survived World Wars I and II. Monday night, the cathedral stood on the brink of destruction due to a raging inferno that has severely damaged the French Gothic structure, toppled the spire, and caved in the roof. A symbol of Christianity in France, across Europe, and around the world, Notre Dame narrowly survived Monday’s fire. But what of the Christian Faith that the cathedral symbolizes?

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