The majority of Oklahoma's legislators apparently believe that Christopher Columbus is a man to be trashed.

The Trump administration will seek to cut millions of dollars in funding to abortion providers that funnel federal Title X family planning grants into their abortion businesses.

A majority of Major League Baseball teams will celebrate homosexuality at games during the 2018 season.

School once was typified by an apple on the teacher’s desk — now a better symbol is the forbidden fruit. A recent case in point is a Texas high-school teacher who did drugs and had sexual relations with a 15-year-old boy.

Pro-abortion advocates have filed a lawsuit to stop Iowa’s new law that prohibits abortions after six weeks, at approximately the time a heartbeat may be detected. The "fetal heartbeat" bill is considered groundbreaking in that it could set a precedent that establishes heartbeat and not viability as the benchmark for legal abortions.

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