Colin Kaepernick’s San Francisco 49ers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, but this didn’t stop the quarterback’s left-wing spirit from infusing the game’s commercials. In fact, the political messages were intense enough so that some consumers now have a few more companies to add to their boycott list. 

When Starbucks isn’t peddling four-dollar cups of coffee, they’re peddling leftist policy. Now a veteran-owned rival is taking aim at the caffeinated neo-communists with what they say is better java — and better principles.

Over the course of six lessons, teachers using the “Disarmament Education Programme” prepared by the UN Association in Canada will indoctrinate students to accept the UN as a global government and an engine of peace with the goal of creating a “world without weapons.”

What if a family doesn’t “have the money for that second or third child?” asked radio host Michael Savage recently. “Is that not a justifiable situation for an abortion?” 

At FreedomProject Academy, we have one abiding mission: to change culture and restore the nation through classical education, to impart Judeo-Christian values to our students, and to prepare the next generation of patriot leaders who are equipped to promote, defend, and advance the causes of liberty and civic responsibility across America.

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