Parents are infuriated after learning that Rocky Top Middle School in Colorado brought in a drag queen for the school’s career day event last Friday without first notifying them of the bizarre guest.

Surgeons are reporting that “sex change regret” is increasing and that more patients are requesting that their surgeries be reversed. Unfortunately, the PC culture is preventing this information from being exposed.



A disgusting cartoon on Netflix, which critics have slammed as “animated kiddie porn,” features two obviously demonic characters teaching pre-pubscent children to engage in perverse sexual and homosexual activity of all kinds.

Some youthful auditors attending the Vatican synod on young people, the faith, and vocational discernment want its final document to be “welcoming” to LGBT Catholics.

What would Moses say? This is a good question with the recent creation of an “LGBTQ” café for teens — at a New Jersey synagogue. The gathering spot, called Café Q and hosted by Congregation Beth Hatikvah in the town of Summit, will be open every third Sunday between 3 and 5 p.m., with October 21 having been its opening day.

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