The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the principal cause of the spread of the Christian faith. But is it history?

Some on the Right are lauding the new show as some sort of cultural shift, a slight move on the part of Hollywood toward more conservative values. But it is probably a mistake to believe that the new show signals some right-leaning trend in Hollywood. 

Snopes, the self-styled online “fact-checking” service, has once again shown why people interested in facts are right to look somewhere other than the far-left website.

When public school officials in Middleburgh, New York, called an assembly and used it to promote outrageous anti-Second Amendment propaganda demonizing American gun owners, at least one student objected.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, Planned Parenthood listed demands for Disney, one of which is to create a character who has had an abortion. The rest is a laundry list of left-wing bullet points.

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