A teacher in a Norman, Oklahoma, high school tells his philosophy class that all whites are racist. Such statements serve the cause of those who desire more government and less liberty.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, and others push back against the Clinton campaign's anti-Catholic bigotry as well as Hillary's strong support for abortion “rights.”

Using a few basic strategies, would-be totalitarians can control elections to grant themselves unbridled power over countries. And unwary Americans have opened the door here.

Satanists are opposed to Christians even having an opportunity to teach the gospel to young children after school, so they demand "equal time" with Satan Clubs to counter Christian Good News Clubs.

When you treat your son like the sun and orbit around him as if he’s his own little solar system’s center, don’t be surprised when he supernovas at every imagined slight.

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