What do you call the top two finishers in the girls’ 100-meter dash at Connecticut’s recent State Open track and field championships? First and second place? If you’re not the mainstream media, you may call them “boys.”

Virginia Pair Witherington turned 105 on Monday and credits her longevity to taking care of herself — in her case, this includes eating a large amount of chocolate. And she's not the only centenarian partial to junk food. 

The U.S. government planned to help Cubans overthrow Fidel Castro in 1961; however, the American globalists responsible for putting Castro in power sabotaged the attack.

New York City’s best high schools — the “specialized” ones, as they’re known — may not be the best for long. That is, if Mayor Bill de Blasio has his way, as he wants to dumb down admissions standards to increase “diversity.”

The Southern Baptist Convention, America's largest protestant denomination, is on the verge of falling to organized “progressive” social-justice forces and anti-Trump activists.




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