The reactions to General John Kelly’s remarks about Robert E. Lee are an example of how even the names of certain historical figures and remarks about historical events, can trigger what could be called a “Pavlovian response.”

Another Halloween has come and gone, and if the social justice warriors (SJWs) had their way, it had better have been a politically correct one. But if white children dressed as anything but animals or inanimate objects, the SJWs would count this one as a fail.


Kellogg's has apologized and announced a redesign of its Corn Pops cereal box after complaints that one of the animated cereal figures on the back was colored brown.

Church leaders at Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia, have decided to take down plaques honoring two prominent former parishioners, George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

If any good is coming from the Harvey Weinstein affair, it’s that a light is being shined, albeit briefly, on a far greater Hollywood scandal: the sexual abuse of young actors. If it sounds as if I speak of it as “an open secret,” it’s because that’s precisely what it is, as an excellent documentary by that name illustrates most convincingly.



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